Your Go-To Guide to a Scrumptious Punjabi Meal

Freshly grilled chicken laced with fiery masalas, mouth-watering dal makhani will dollops of desi
ghee, melt-in-the-mouth butter garlic naan… you get the idea. Nothing beats a
classic Punjabi meal.
You know that you’re in for a crazy good time
when you run into delicacies from up north.
Known for their intense relationship will food,
Punjabis offer a bevy of delightful dishes for you to choose from. Want
something relatively lighter? Opt for a pair of crispy, golden brown bhaturas
with tangy chole. Guests coming over for dinner? Lay it all out for them with a
selection of delicacies like butter chicken, sarson ka saag, paneer tikka, and
what not.
While it’s easy to lose control when you indulge
in the wondrous world of Punjabi food, the inherent nature of the dishes makes
them filling enough for you to know that you’ve had enough. Isn’t that
Here’s a list of Punjabi delectables that should
definitely make the cut the next time you host a party:
Butter Chicken: While the inclusion of the classic butter
chicken is a no-brainer, this finger-lickin dish definitely deserves a special
shout-out. Imagine tender pieces of chicken cooked in a creamy tomato-based
gravy! Need we say more
(Source –
Paneer Tikka: While Punjabi cuisines generally tip toward
your average meat eater’s favour, the paneer tikka more than makes up of that
fact. Small cubes of freshly procured paneer are marinated in a spicy mix and
then slow roasted in a tandoor. What
you get is a perfectly cooked snack that works great as a starter. To further
enhance its flavor texture, try one with the tangy green chutney, and trust us
when we tell you, there is no greater joy!
(Source -
Dhaba Dal: The food of a particular region reflects the
culture and heritage that shape up that place. For Punjab, the roadside dhabas form a big part of the culture.
From a range of amazing dishes offered at these local establishment comes the
savoury dhaba dal. Generally cooked in a handi
for an authentic touch, this dish is prepared using locally grown,
hand-picked spices that lends it a rustic flavour.
(Source –
Chole Bhature: No Punjabi food party is complete without the
quintessential serving of steaming chole and maida-based bhature. Having gained popularity all
around the country, this snack is offered at pretty much every eatery you’ll
visit. But the original taste of Punjab is hard to replicate, what with the
potent mix of spices and other ingredients pertaining to the region.
(Source –
Tandoori Chicken: India’s answer to KFC, the tandoori chicken
offers a taste, unlike anything you’d ever experience. Laced with a
tongue-tickling spice base, each piece of chicken is marinated overnight to let
the spices find a home in the chicken. Then comes the fun part! A tandoor is set up and the chicken is
roasted in the flames.
(Source –
Sarson Ka Saag
and Makki Ki Roti:
Wondering why
these items are listed together? Like brownies with vanilla ice cream or oreos
with a milkshake, you HAVE TO have Sarson Ka Saag and Makki Ki Roti together.
The saag, another word for vegetable, is prepared with the healthy combination
of spinach, mustard, and bathua. The roti is made from makki (corn) and
together the two create a flavor that will take you right to the essence of

That caps off our list of amazing Punjabi dishes
that must find a place in your next social gathering! Get your groceries ready and whip up a meal that will leave your
guests talking for days!
Author Bio:
Rahul Joseph
is a professional health expert based in Delhi who’s spent 8 yrs. in the
healthcare industry. After completing an M.Phil in nutrition, he worked with
several healthcare majors before kickstarting a private career as a diet
consultant. He regularly writes about nutrition on various popular health
magazines, website, journals, and blogs. Apart from assisting people to achieve
a healthy lifestyle through proper diet and exercise, Rahul genuinely enjoys
healthy cooking and loves fresh fruits and vegetables.

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