Wow…. Dove So amazing!!

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When I heard about Dove
Contest on Indiblogger “Beautiful Ends to your Beautiful Braids”… I was excited
and did not want to waste an opportunity to grab Dove Shampoo and Conditioner
Hamper. I’m big lover of Dove product as I already used Dove shampoo hair fall
therapy and conditioner, dove face wash, dove deodorant, dove soap and more.

In my childhood, my mother
used to take give me head message by applying coconut oil and wash with shampoo
twice a week. Those days the conditioners were not available in market and we
were using Heena as conditioner. That’s why my hairs were so shiny, thick and
long in my childhood.

As I grew, I started trying
out new styles with my hairs like curling, pressing and coloring which resulted
in losing the texture that I had in my childhood and also gave way to rough and
damage hair. From two years I have been using Dove Hair fall therapy and it has
helped me in regaining the shininess, glossy and strong hairs.
Under this new dove split
end rescue system, contain ¼ Moisturising milk which nourish your hair gently
and its break through split-end technology corrects hair damage to give you
up to 4x less split ends. So dove is beautiful treat for your gentle hairs. After
using Dove shampoo and conditioner, just braid your hair as you like and rub
the end of braid on your cheeks. You can easily feel the difference.
Dos for better and smooth hairs:
  • Always comb gently, don’t
  • Tie your hair back at the
    time of travelling which solve the problem of entanglement.
  • Have a proper Balanced diet.
Thanks to Dove Split End Rescue System… It’s really amazing… Now my hair
looks more rich and smooth. Thanks a lot Dove… Love you

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