Stuff Bread Cigar

Time: 20 Minutes

Time: 15 Minutes
Servings: 6
Category: Snacks
6 Fresh White
Bread slices
Butter to
For Stuffing
1 boiled
medium sized mashed potato
2 tbsp.
boiled mashed peas
2 tbsp.
mashed cottage cheese/ paneer
1 tsp.
mustard seeds
2 tsp. veg.
Salt to
1 tsp.
coriander powder
1 tsp. red
chili powder
½ tsp.
turmeric powder

Remove the
corners of the bread slices.  
With your
hands, sprinkle 2-3 drops of water on the slice and press well to ensure the
entire slice is moist.
Use a
rolling pin & roll the bread nice & thin (this happens only when the
bread is moist).
stuffing on one side of each bread and roll out the bread very gently like a
Heat the non-stick tawa, grease little butter on tawa and place a cigar.
Keep it on a
medium flame. When it is done on one side, carefully turn other side.
When it is
done, take it out from the tawa and spread chutney and serve hot.

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