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These days’ coffee shops and bakeries inDelhi come with loads of varieties in coffees and bakery products, raising the
coffee affluence in the Delhi and the fact that consumers now spend more money
in coffee shops. Coffee shop is better place for every person who wants to
spend time with colleagues, friends or business delegate.
coffee shops and coffee restaurants just serves only hot prepared coffee and
beverages, but now concept is completely changed. They start more innovative
coffee based beverages with some bakery items which make us hungry anytime.
Coffee house is a small restaurant focus on providing coffee, tea and other
beverages with light snacks.
Coffee is a brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee
beans, the seeds found inside berries of the coffea plant. Coffee plants are cultivated
in over 70 countries.
Established coffee shops such as café coffee day, barista,
costa coffee, Starbucks and more have plans to starts more outlets over the country.
Coffee service refers to the many and various styles in which coffee is made available to people, such as
coffee restaurants in Delhi.
How much you are obsessed with coffee or tea, but how
passionately you get best cup of coffee which makes us fresh and stress free. If you are the person who love coffee
or bakery product then you can explore these cafes:
Rose Café,
This café is situated in Saket, covered with flowers,
shades of pink and tiny lights. The place serves Cafe, Italian,
Lebanese, Continental and Mediterranean cuisines. The Rose Cafe has a serene,
quiet and rosy and pink shaded ambiance with vast parking place in the compound.
The place is a bit expensive and costs INR 1,200 for two people.
Connaught Place
is an international brand known for standard quality of coffee and awesome
ambiance. Personally I love café mocha and muffins, a great combination for me.
Starbucks has a very courteous staff which will do their best. It’s not
expensive place for coffee lovers.
Coffee Day
of all the coffee outlets in the city, I prefer Café Coffee Day because it’s a
cheap place for youngsters. I tried cappuccino and frappe lots of time, both of
them were great in taste. The service was also good and nice place for social meet
Coffee is a brand which comes with different taste of their coffees. Leaving
aside coffee, lemonades are really refreshing and flavorful. The place is
really good with service and ambiance. It’s not expensive place and more than
50+ outlets available in Delhi.
Whenever you wanna try to some delicious and aroma of
freshly grounds coffee, then you will make sure about where to get the cup. To
get the exact flavour of coffee as per your taste you can visit some local coffee
shops, where you can get great option of coffees and bakeries in Delhi.


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