Republic Day 2012


Republic Day is a national holiday that is
celebrated every year with big enthusiasm. The Constitution of India was
enforced on 26th January, 1950 marking a historical moment in the Indian
history. Hence, this day is honoured with great joy, pride across the country
as India was also declared a sovereign, democratic and republic state on this
very day. The day calls in for grand celebrations, which are evident from the
massive parades, cultural programs, recitation of patriotic poems and singing
and playing of patriotic songs throughout. Though every Indian state holds its
celebrations, but the capital of city of New Delhi witnesses a grand parade at
India Gate, near the President’s Palace.
A small message
on the special Republic Day to my all lovely friends….
One Nation, One Vision, and One Identity
“No Nation is perfect, it needs to be made
Meri Pehchaan Mera India 
Happy Republic Day!

Hello Foodie
On the very special occasion i was prepared some main course and dessert on the theme of Indian flag (Tiranga form). Under this, I was prepared tiranga puri’s, tiranga rice and dessert. For accomplishment also make green chutney, white curd and orange aloo bhaji. Hope all of u like this!

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