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Rabri is
completely Indian dessert which prepared with evaporated milk and very popular
in North India. You can serve rabri with lots of Indian sweet delicacies like
malpua, jalebi, shahi tukra, meethe pode and more.
Personally I
prefer chilled rabri but you can serve hot or cool, its upto you. Rabri is exotic
sweet which prepared quickly with few ingredients, you have to boil the milk
till to half and mix with condense milk for thick consistency, garnish with
chopped nuts, cardamom and saffron for amazing aroma. 

Time: 5 Minutes
Time: 15 Minutes
Indian Mithai
2 Cup Milk
Half Tin Condense Milk
1 Tsp. Cardamom Powder
Few Saffron Strands
Sugar (optional)
Chopped Nuts, for garnishing
Boil the milk in non-stick pan on medium
flame, add condense milk and stir it continuously.
Add cardamom powder and saffron and mix
Cook it until little thick consistency, keep aside.
Garnish with chopped nuts and serve
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