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Pur is a brand of air freshener products available in the US, Europe, and Asia. Their
range of products may be used at home or in the car with a variety of smells and properties
such as odor neutralization.

This time, IndiBlogger has conduct one
more interesting contest with Ampi Pur car perfume in which we have to describe
“Our Perfect Road Trip”. Personally I never preferred to write fantasy trip for
this contest, as I want to share something true which I felt during our last
trip to Vrindavan with my parents. This time I got Ampi Pur car perfume
lavender spa which is our favourite fragrance and is already used in our car.
Last week, I visited Vrindavan and
Mathura with my parents. Vrindavan is a small city in Mathura district of Uttar
Pradesh. It is nearly a three and a half hour drive from Sonepat to Vrindavan.
Vrindavan and Mathura is a place where
Lord Krishna spent his childhood days and met Devi Radha. Even today you can
feel that charm and hear childhood stories of Lord Krishna at that place. This
is a small brief about Vrindavan and Mathura.
Google Map
Now coming to trip. We were getting
ready with food and luggage. My Mother had prepared some food for journey
because my father does not prefer outside food, so my mum prepared some puri
(Indian flatbread) and stir fry Okra and packed some snacks and pickles too. My
duty was to check the arrangement in car, Santro. It’s a perfect car for
personal use for a small family. First I checked Ambi Pur refill and secondly
arranged the seats and luggage properly and then arranged the music.
Now it was time to leave home for a
perfect trip. First we grabbed the seats and set the music loud. We were really
enjoying the weather and journey.  After about more than one hour,
when we had reached Ballabhgarh near Faridabad there was a big area of sludge,
because of high rainfall and monsoon season. But I was not worried about this
disgusting smell because of our Ambi Pur car perfume lavender spa which gave a
wonderful fragrance and makes me feel better and comfortable that time. We were
really enjoying this trip even that sludge time too.
After that I felt hungry and due to
rain, we had not found any good location for tea or coffee. We could not wait
any longer, so opened the tiffin in car. Ampi Pur car perfume covered all
veggie and pickle smell so nicely. We felt like enjoying food at 5 star rated
restaurant with 93.8 Red FM music, fresh lavender spa fragrance and nice
weather. It made me so happy and I felt awesome. This song was playing at that
moment which is one of my favourite numbers from the movie Sadma.
Ae Zindagi Gale Laga Le, Ae Zindagi Gale Laga Le
Hum Ne Bhi Tere Har Ik Gam Ko


Gale Se Lagaya Hai….. Hai Na 


Ae Zindagi Gale Laga Le, Ae Zindagi


Now we reached Mathura, where we
stopped the car and enjoyed rain with elachi tea which gave us new energy. Ampi
pur car perfume gives a really beautiful feeling and wonderful peace in between
the high noise of traffic, dust, bad smells of mud, animals and food smells.
Now we reached Vrindavan, where first
we visited the very famous Vrindavan Banke Bihari Mandir. We went there for
worship and darshan of Lord Krishna. As per temple a rule, photography is not
allowed, so I did not taken any pic. So I am uploading one picture from Google
for you.
Says “Banke Bihari Mandir is a 
Hindu temple dedicated
to Lord Krishna, in the holy city of Vrindavan in the Mathura district. Banke Bihari was
originally worshiped at Nidhivana. Banke means “bent in three places” and
bihari means “supreme enjoyer.” The image of Lord Krishna stands in the Tribhanga posture.  
Source: Google
After worshiping Lord Krishna, we went
in our already booked hotel. In the evening, we were going for very popular and
famous “Prem Mandir” founded by Guru Kripalu Maharaj ji at Vrindavan. It is a
really beautiful and amazing temple which easily attracts the visitors through
fine art and statue. Its main high points are digital and musical fountain show
which made us speechless.
says “Prem Mandir is a religious and spiritual complex in Vrindavan.
Construction of Prem Mandir began on January 2001 and the inauguration took
place Feb 2012. 30,000 tons of Italian marble have been used in the
construction and carved with unique machines like KUKA robotics. The
presiding deity will be Yugal Sarkar (Radha Krishn). 73,000 square feet,
pillar-less, dome shaped 
satsang hall is
being constructed next to Prem Mandir, which will accommodate 25,000 people at
a time”.
At Day Time
Prem Mandir at Night time ( all three personal clicks)
After that we went for sightseeing and
enjoyed the road trip with wonderful fragrance. I had enjoyed the dinner with
my parents and then went to rest in my room. The next day, we get up early;
quickly finished our shower and breakfast and then again went for a drive. I
enjoyed the time in the car more than the hotel. Again we embarked on a long
car trip and ate some samosas, chips and cola in the meanwhile.  After
enjoying for two days with parents and Ampi Pur, I was not feeling restless.
Ampi Pur gives fresh and cheerful
fragrance in every spray. I keep one extra refill of Ambi Pur in my car for
just in case of finishing point. It was really wonderful trip and every trip
can be perfect if we have good partner and safe vehicle and perfect collection
of Ambi Pur car perfume as all three make our journey perfect and complete. I
really enjoyed this trip with Ambi Pur car perfume Lavender Spa.

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