My New 4th Event- Guest Hosting ONLY Series- “Cooking With SOYA”

I am really happy to announce my new event, I will be guest hosting for
the month of September 2012. It is the Only Series started by Pari of Foodelicious. First I have to say thanks to her for giving me
chance to host this wonderful Only Series. The theme for this month is “Only Cooking with SOYA”.  As the
name suggests that recipes can be any cuisine but main ingredients is Soya and
its Products; some examples are soya bean, green soya, soya wadi, soya granules, soya flakes, tofu and soya milk and so more Soya dry as well as fresh products. As a part of the event, there will be a cook book as a giveaway sponsored by
The giveaway is only available for the followers of Pari’s Blog.

Rules for the event:-
  • The event runs through the month of Sept. (1st Sept- 30th
  • Only vegetarian recipes are allowed. (Eggs are also allowed).
  • Use linky tools to enter your recipes. There are two linky tools one for
    Indian residents and second is for other countries, enter your entries in
    suitable category.
  • The post must to be
    linked with Pari’s Event announcement and Preeti’s Kitchen Life event
    announcement page, it’s compulsory.
  • You have to like Preeti’s Kitchen Life’s Facebook Page.
  • Only two recipes
    from the archives can be sent to the event, otherwise you can add fresh entries
    only during month of Sept.
  • In case you have a problem using
    linky tool or for the Non-bloggers, you can send the details to  in the following format using subject line of
    Only Cooking With Soya
  1. Your Name
  2. Blog’s Name
  3. Recipe name
  4. Recipe URL
  5. Recipe Pic of size 300-350K

  • The
    giveaway is only for Indian Entries as the book gets shipped only in India.
    However, those who can provide an address in India can enter their recipe under
    Indian Entries.
  • The giveaway book is open only for
    the followers of Pari’s Blog.

  • Usage of logo is optional but it’s
    recommended that you use it as it helps spread the word.
  • I will post the round up within one
    week after the event gets over.
Looking forward for the lots of delicious entries in this event, Join me in my Blog. Get
ready for the Healthy Treat.

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