Homemade Kiwi Lemonade

Kiwi and lemon both are citrus flavour
fruits. Lemonade is really refreshing drink which is very good option for
summer. Even you can merge any flavour of fruit with basic lemonade
recipe.  This time I choose kiwi flavour for
lemonade. For this recipe, you have to crush the kiwi with sugar and then mix
with lemon juice and sparkling water.
Lemonade is a lemon-flavored drink. In different parts of the
world, the name has different meanings. In North America, lemonade is usually
made from lemon juice, water, and sugar and is often home-made. Daily
consumption of 120 ml of lemon juice per day, when mixed with two litres
of water, has been shown to reduce the rate of stone formation in people
susceptible to kidney stones. Lemons contain the highest concentration of citrate of any fruit, and this weak acid has
been shown to inhibit stone formation.

Time: 10 Minutes
Time: NA
4 Glasses

2 Kiwifruit, peel and chopped
2/3 Cup Sugar
1 Lemon Juice
1/2 Tsp. Black Salt
800ml Soda Water
Few Ice-cubes
Lemon and Kiwi Wedges for garnishing
Blend the peel and chopped kiwi with
sugar in mixer till to smooth consistency.
Strain the kiwi mixture in separate bowl.
Add salt and lemon juice. Mix well.
Add kiwi mixture and ice-cubes in pitcher
and pour soda at the time of serving.
Garnish with kiwi and lemon wedges. Serve
chilled kiwi lemonade.
You can use sparkling or mineral water
too instead of soda.

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