Home Made Bread Crumbs

How to prepare bread
crumbs at home

Bread crumb is essential ingredient for any recipe kind of soup, tikki, kebab, kofta’s or dumpling, cutlet or any kind of fried starters or snacks to make crisper. It’s useful in binding the all ingredients together in making dough. For example when we made paneer kofta or cheese ball, you can add little crumb in it with paneer or cheese.
Personally I prefer leftover bread corner for bread crumb. Mostly when I used only centre part of bread in any dish like sandwich or bread rolls in which we avoid bread corner. It’s takes 3-4 days in convert fresh into hard and dry form.

Breads (White/ Brown)
First place the bread on plate and newspaper, keep it aside for 3-4
days under dark place (not in cool place or sunlight). You can use baking dish
or toaster for instead dry version of bread. For this you can take corners or
edges of bread too. Personally I prefer leftover bread corner for bread crumb.
Now add this bread corners in grinder jar and make smooth powder form.
Preserve it in airtight jar for long time usage.

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