Easy Cookie Cocoa Truffles

Under this theme “Kids Delight dessert” for Blogging Marathon # 23, I
prepared all three recipes with chocolate because of Christmas too. So today I
upload Easy Cookie based homemade truffles with flavor of cocoa and for
crunchiness taste, add roasted nuts and choco chips.
Cookie cocoa truffle is very unique trial for me…. There is a little
twist behind this … I wanted to prepare no bake egg-less brownie from the Edible Garden , but do not know how, my brownie did not set properly. I did
everything according to her recipe. Then after passing whole day, I prepared truffles from
this batter and coat with coconut or chocolate powder because I hate wastage of
any kind of material or food.. 
At the end I got, some awesome, crunchy and tasty Easy Cookie Cocoa Truffles.

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes
Cooking Time: 0 minutes + chilling time
Serving: 12-15 pieces (depend on size)

15-20 Marie
2 Tbsp. Cocoa
2 Tsp. Powdered Sugar
1/3 Tin Condense
Roasted Almonds
and cashews, Chopped
Choco Chips
Drinking chocolate
Coconut Powder, white  

Biscuits flour 
Coco powder and flour in bowl
add  powdered sugar
add roasted nuts and choco chips
Condense Milk
Fold it and smooth Batter
place in freeze to set for 1-2 hour
roll it with coconut powder or chocolate powder
Break the
biscuits into half or quarterly, now add in jar and grind it till to flour
Combine biscuits
flour into big bowl and add coco powder. Mix well.
Now add sugar and
chopped roasted almonds, cashews and choco chips. Mix well.
Add condense milk
and fold it with silicon spatula. Now place the butter paper in dish and place
into freezer for 1-2 hour.
Now scoop 1tbsp.
portion and give round shape. Coat with coconut powder or chocolate powder
whatever you like.  Keep refrigerate till
to serve.
Enjoy easy
homemade cookies truffles at home…. With kids on upcoming Christmas.
Merry Christmas.

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