Dish It Out- Mango & Chili Roundup

I would like
to thanks Vardhini from “Cook Joy” for giving me chance to host
this lovely event on my blog in July 2013. I received 10 recipes for this event
and thanks to everyone for sharing and linking wonderful recipes under this “Dish It Out- Mango & Chili” event.
Now here is roundup these recipes. 

“Sweet Mango Coconut Pulao” From Vegetarian Recipes

“Salad with Mango Dressing” From Mayuri’s Jikoni
“Mavina Hanu Sasme” From The Brunch Box

“Chickpeas Mango Pickle” from Vegetarian Indian Recipes

“Instant Mango Pickle” From SJ’s Food Court

“Sweet Mango Thokku” From Specially For Ladies

“Fresh Mango Salsa” From My Food Tapestry

“Onion Mango Chutney” From Mayuri’s Jikoni

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