Chocolate Ghewar Pudding

We had leftover mawa ghewar at
home in large quantity, no one interested to eat ghewar more. Then I preferred to
discuss this problem with my friends regarding how to utilize this leftover
ghewar? That moment one of my favorite co-blogger and now my good friend like
elder sister, +Vaishali from Ribbons to Pastas suggest me this recipe “Chocolate
Ghewar Mousse”, completely fantastic and delicious recipe.
After Vaishali’s guideline, I tried this
recipe in my kitchen with specific ingredients. It’s really awesome in taste
and instant version of Indian Mousse. In this recipe, there are no needs of chinagrass,
gelatine or eggs types of ingredient which are essential for every mousse
recipe. Mawa ghewar is made with three main ingredients are flour, khoya and
sugar which gives sweetness and thickness to pudding as mousse.
Time: 10 Minutes
Time: 15 Minutes
Source: Vaishali

2 Cup Mawa Ghewar, crushed
1 Cup Milk
150 gm Semi Sweet Milk Chocolate, chopped
2 Tbsp. Sugar, Optional
1 Tsp. Vanilla Essence
Almond powder or Chopped Almonds
Chopped Pistachios
Choco Chips
Boil the milk in non-stick pan.
Add crushed mawa ghewar, chocolate and
vanilla essence in boiled milk.
Stir together until to smooth
consistency. Add sugar as per taste and mix well.
Remove from the flame and keep aside to
room temperature.
Pour into individual serving and keep in
freezer for one hour to set.
Garnish with almond powder, chopped
pistachios and choco chips. Serve chilled.
Ghewar and chocolate both are already
sweets, so you can avoid the sugar in this recipe.
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