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Hiii Food Lovers,
I start my blog from Dec.
2011, and thank a ton for ur lots of love and appreciations. Today is last day
of BM#14 edition hosted by Srivalli, it’s a fantastic event which we enjoy a lot with
other co-bloggers and get the chance to learn more new and innovative recipes. Here
is a complete recap of all last 3 series which I had enjoyed a lot.
BM # 14 Editions 1st
week (16 Mar-22 Mar) with Indian Sweet Theme…..

16 Mar 1st day Shahi Bread
17 Mar 2nd day Gulab Jamun
18 Mar 3rd day Makhana Kheer
19 Mar 4th day Gulgule
20 Mar 5th day  Instant Jalebi
21 Mar 6th day Meethi Seviyan
22 Mar 7th day Raava Laddoo
BM # 14 Editions 2nd
week (23 Mar-29 Mar) with Combo of 3 Theme…..

23 Mar 1st day  Idli Fries
24 Mar 2nd day  Idli Manchurian
25 Mar 3rd day Gobhi Bhajia
26 Mar 4th day Tomato Vada
27 Mar 5th day  Tangy Noodle Sandwich
28 Mar 6th day  Gol Gappe Shots
29 Mar 7th day  Bingo Fruit Masti
BM # 13 Editions 1st
week (16 Feb-22 Feb) with Chips Theme…..

16Feb 1st day Potato French Fries
17Feb 2nd day Tortilla Chips/ Corn Chips
18Feb 3rd day Eggplant Fries
19Feb 4th day Plantain Chips/ Banana

20Feb 5th day Sweet Potatoes Chips
21Feb 6th day Taro Golden Coins
22Feb 7th day Carrot Chips
BM # 13 Editions 2nd
week (23 Feb-29 Feb) with Kebab Theme…..

23Feb 1st day Dahi Kebab
24Feb 2nd day Fruit Kebab
25Feb 3rd day Kasuri Aloo Kebab
26Feb 4th day Mix Dal Kebab
27Feb 5th day Harabhara Kebab
28Feb 6th day Tri-colored VegetableKebab
29Feb 7th day Grill Paneer Tikka
BM #12 Editions 2nd
week (23 Jan- 29 Jan) with Paneer Theme….

23Jan 1st day PaneerKheer
24Jan 2nd day  Spinach Paneer Prantha
25Jan 3rd day Cheese Ball In Roasted TomatoGravy
26Jan 4th day  Cheese-Potato Pop
27Jan 5th day  Masala Cheese toast
28Jan 6th day Instant Paneer Chilla
29Jan 7th day Stuff Paneer Kulcha

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