Beauty Care

For Lip Care
  1. Take glycerin and
    curd mix it. Apply on your lips it gives smooth and pinkish color.
  2. Apply coconut oil
    in your lips in every night. Then it became very shiny.
  3. Apply
    butter milk for dry face. Then you have a shiny face.
  4. Pudina juices
    apply on the lip up to 5 minutes for pinkie lips.

For Skin Care (Glowing skin)
  • Apply equal amount
    of lemon juice, sugar water and almonds. Massage it for 15 min. then applies
    green gram powder for 20 min & washes it with warm water (Note: don’t apply
    soap for 6 hours) surely you will get glowing skin at once.
  • 2 tbsp. of radish
    juice +2 tbsp. of tomato juice +2 tbsp. of lemon juice, mix them apply for half
    an hour, thrice a week for glowing skin.
  • Rice flour, mashed
    ripe papaya, and lemon juice take all this in equal ratio and smash it and
    apply it for face let it dry and wash with cold water.
  • Take a tomato and
    a potato and make them as paste and apply on your face, neck and on your hands
    and massage it for some time and wash it.
  • Avoid rubbing ice
    cube on your face it can be a cause of dryness & ice burning stop now what
    to do take 4 ice cube in 1 glass of water add few drop rose water if your skin
    oily or add few drop olive oil if skin is dry and dip clean cotton cloth &
    apply this cloth on your face repeat if u feel good now your skin is safe from
    ice burning by & enjoy this summer with cool tips.

For Hair Care
  • Take some methi
    /Fenugreek leaves and makes it into paste by grinding it and applies it to hair
    and wash it after 1 hour hair will be lustrous and glowing.
  • Take some curd in
    a bowl and put some lemon drops in it. Then mix it. Take the mixture and spread
    into your hair for 25-30 minutes. Then wash your hair. You will
    have healthy and shiny hair.
  • For hair fall
    problems, massage your scalp with warm coconut oil at night and before washing
    it, give steam to your hair with the help of a towel, keep it for at least 3
    minutes and repeat it 2 more times, add 2-3 table spoons of lemon juice in
    water and shampoo your hair. With this your hair fall problem will be

For Skin Care – (Pimple Care)
  1. Drink lots of
    water and eat less calorie foods even ice creams and cold drinks, shakes should
    be avoided   and wash your face daily at least four times.
  2. Apply mixture of
    sandal powder, neem powder and multan matti powder and mix it
    with rose water and apply daily let it remain for 15 min for
    good results.
  3. Mix any toner with
    rose water. Use the cold mixture twice a day. It’s really helps to prevent
  4. Take one teaspoon
    of honey and half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder mix well and keep in the fridge
    for a night use it the next day and wash after 15 mins. Remove pimple really
  5. Take some tulsi
    leaves and in this add some little bit of water grind it like a smooth paste.
    Apply it on the pimples.
  6. Apply orange peel
    on your pimples & see the change within 2 times of use.

For Eye Care
  • Wash your face
    daily more than twice.
  • Dip your eyes in
    cold water after the bath for 10 minutes. It protects your beautiful eyes.
  • Apply olive oil on
    your eyes overnight u can feel relaxation and stress down.
  • Put a piece of
    cucumber on your eyes, you’ll be relaxed.
  • To reduce a dark
    circle on your eyes, apply a mixture of potato on eyes regularly min 30 min.
    It’ll give good result.
  • If we apply castor
    oil on eyebrow before we go to bed eyebrow will grow nicely.

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  1. Natural care is that the best look after hair treatment. I even have dry hair and that i use egg with mustard oil each alternate day to form sleek and satiny hair. conjointly there's some treatment for hair however I like natural care. I even have few additional strategies for dry hair treatment and is incredibly helpful. i actually appreciate your article.
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