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Sweet Corn And Vegetable Soup | Chinese Recipes

Today I post sweet corn and vegetable soup, its Indo-Chinese cuisine which prepared with whole sweet corn kernels and half of crushed, mix with some seasonal and crunchy vegetables. I used very simple and flavorful recipe. I love sweet corn personally and sweet corn based recipes. It’s a great option for winter season as anytime […]

Schezwan Fried Rice | Chinese Recipes

If you want to eat something spicy, tangy and tasty, then schezwan fried rice is best option. It’s a very simple and instant recipe which made with readymade schezwan sauce, leftover rice and mixed vegetables. Even you can use rice noodles also instead of rice. You can serve this recipe with chili paneer, Manchurian or […]

CraveNoMore with Saffola Masala Oats Chinese and Italian variants

Food enthusiasts from across the country came together for a great culinary experience in the capital city! Have you ever-imagined Chinese and Italian cuisine being guilt free? Globally renowned Chef extraordinaire, Kunal Kapur now brings to you the new Saffola Masala Oats, Chefs Choice range in Italian & Chinese flavors, a delightful treat for the […]

Best Restaurants in Delhi for Chinese Lovers

Chinese Cuisine has become an obsession for every food lover in Delhi. You can almost find every dish in menu card at any Chinese restaurants in Delhi. These days’ people love to explore new restaurants and new cuisine. A Chinese restaurant is an establishment that serves Chinese food outside China. Some have distinctive styles, as with American Chinese cuisine and Canadian Chinese cuisine. The […]