‘SuperMenu’, A Super Awesome Twist to Café Coffee Day’s Menu

Café Coffee Day (CCD), one of the largest
coffee retail chains in India, has brought another delicious twist for customers’
by introducing ‘SuperMenu’.
SuperMenu’ is collection of new and delicious
varieties of cupcakes, soups, sandwiches and burgers that CCD’s offer for prestigious

The super flavorsome fun begins with two
slurp-y soup variants served with a side portion of garlic bread– the hot and
creamy ‘Mushroom Marvel Soup’ packed with the awesomeness of milled black
pepper and dairy foam. Another super soup in the menu is the ‘Tangy Tomatina’,
a fusion of juicy tomatoes and sweet bell pepper giving it a mouthwatering
twist. Personally I love the texture of thick and creamy tomato soup which served
in glass jar with buttery garlic bread, a great starting meal for ongoing
winter season.

Mushroom Marvel Soup

Tangy Tomatina
The indulgence continues with cupcakes –
‘Berry Bite Cupcake’ and ‘Cocoa Cupcake’. With the sweet zest of strawberry and
chocolate enhanced with a frosting swirled to a creamy lush, these cupcakes are
created to charm the sweet spots. Adding to the fun is an irresistible range of
cakes and pastries as well – ‘Hazelnut Carrot Celebration Cake’, ‘Pure
Indulgence Celebration Cake’ and ‘Cocoa Fantasy Slice Cake’.
Hazelnut Carrot Celebration Cake

CCD also introduced three new Big Crunch Burgers in vegetarian
and non-vegetarian options.  Options are
veg classic, veg spicy and veg cheese burgers with flavorful and soft oatmeal
buns.  One is chicken version burger with
grilled chicken patty and second is veg version which filled with baked potato
patties. Patties was crisp angood in taste, I tried veg one.

CCD has also unveiled a fiery range of
sandwiches to this special menu. The ‘Chunky Chicken Roast Sandwich’ packs
together perfectly roasted herbed chicken, onion rings and a cheese slice
wrapped in a crisp chipotle bread. Vegetarians can feast on the ‘Couch Potato
Sandwich’ made from potatoes smothered in gram flour and fried to perfection
meeting onion rings under freshly baked chipotle bread that tingles the taste
buds like nothing else. The ‘Tandoor Chicken Sandwich’ and ‘Tandoori Paneer
Sandwich’ are an added delight to this delicious and scrumptious range of
sandwiches that are sure to leave the food lovers asking for more.
Chicken Sandwich

Couch Potato Sandwich
The SuperMenu is meant to wow and bewitch
those who look for fun time spent over tasty treats. Starting at Rs.39/- the
SuperMenu treats are sure to be a hit with one and all. The special menu is
available in CCD outlets across Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai,
Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Pune and Kolkata.

“Café Coffee Day thrives on the love and
loyalty we garner from the coffee lovers who consider our outlets their
preferred meet-up places. SuperMenu is our gift of the season to all the food
lovers, especially the youth, to ensure they have some super awesome time
treating themselves over a delectable range of options. The menu is
meticulously planned to balance the sweetness of cupcakes, tanginess of soups
and the savory appeal of sandwiches and burgers to create a wholesome
experience,” shared Sanjiv Mediratta, Group
Advisor F&B Solutions, Coffee Day Global Limited.

Sanjiv Mediratta
About CCD:
CCD is India’s
largest café chain in terms of number of café outlets as of December 31, 2014
(source: Indian Coffee Industry Overview, March 2015, Technopak (“Technopak,
March 2015”)) and operates through Coffee Day Global Limited (“CDGL”), a
subsidiary of Coffee Day Enterprises Limited. CCD has pioneered the coffee
culture in the chained café segment in India (source: Technopak, March 2015)
and opened its first café in Bengaluru in 1996. CCD’s menu ranges from a mix of
hot and cold coffees and include several food options, desserts and pastries.
In addition, CCD brand merchandise and accessories such as coffee mugs, coffee
machines, travel mugs, etc. are available at the cafés.
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Portuguese Flame-Grilled Peri Peri Chicken @ Barcelos

is named after a quaint Portuguese town that is famous for an ancient legend of
the Barcelos rooster.  Barcelos Flame Grilled Chicken has written a
singularly modern story of its own. As with any journey that starts out with
one small step, Barcelos opened its first store in Pretoria, South Africa in
1993. Using recipes mastered by the Portuguese hundreds of years ago, our flame
grilled flavors became so popular that we franchised the business in 1998.

is the high-street restaurant chain is the ‘the home of the legendary
Portuguese flame-grilled peri-peri chicken’. The restaurant has bright and
cheerful; pale stucco walls, rustic wooden tables, and colorful ethnic art. It
was almost full: a group of young men engaged in animated conversation at one
table; a lugubrious middle-aged couple saying very little to another; a
smattering of families with older children; bed-sit singletons; four girls
looking at their phones. 
Grilled Watermelon and Orange  
Peri-peri – Swahili
for ‘pepper-pepper’ – is a hot chilli that comes originally from Mozambique,
where it was adopted by Portuguese settlers. One can have a quarter chicken, a
half chicken, chicken breast, chicken wings, and chicken livers, chicken
burger, chicken in pitta… you get the idea. They also serve vegetarian options
as well as fresh grilled Himalayan Trout.
From soup to fried and roasted preparation,
chicken is now popular food in India that is cooked in multi ways. Chicken is
one of the most valued and nutritious item for all ages people and delicious in
taste. Here are some healthy benefits of eating grilled chicken in routine
# Relieves stress.
# Keeps your bones healthy and strong.
# Reduces Premenstrual syndrome.
# Boosts Immunity.
# Good for heart health. 
Except Chicken, we tried Berry Cucumber Mocktail, Grilled Watermelon and orange Salad, Stuffed mushrooms and potatoes and more.  All were good in taste and so fresh.  

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