Recap 2012

Hi friends,

2012 has been a landmark event for me and I have taken
a successful step towards executing my long cherished dream of starting a Food
blog and making it a success.
I am an MBA,
and after a brief stint in HR I decided to take my childhood hobby of cooking
forward. I am proud to say that I inherited a passion to cooking from my mother
who is a talented cook.  
In the end of the year Dec 2011, I started one
group on Facebook i.e. “Luv ur Interest”. Under this group I posted 2-3 recipes
with pictures which were really appreciated by my friends. My friend Rajni
suggested starting a blogger. I’d already tried my luck in word press which was
not successful due to some complication in word press account.
On 29 Dec 2011, I signed up my account on blogger
and publish my 1st recipe “Apple Kheer” 1 Jan on 2012 with New Year celebration… A day that would stay with
me as my passion gets some platform to articulate.
In the beginning when I visit on other blogger’s
space, it was just awesome with big number of followers and so many lovely well-presented
recipes. Now I found so many difficulties, how to maintain and operate, even stayed
questioning if I would ever be able present similar way and get walk in for my
blog “Preeti’s Kitchen Life” as well.
Aarthi from YUMMY TUMMY blog helped me a lot. I have some idea about HTML and some java
language and I get wonderful layout for my blog.

In mid of Jan, I got in touch of Srivalli from Spice Your Life for
Blogging Marathon event
. She is really superb and so sweet by nature.  I was really inspired by her. In blogging
Marathon, first time I was participated in 2nd week of Jan month.
That time I choose paneer theme for whole week in BM#12. Now BM#23 is going on,
and still I’m member of lovely Blogging Marathon Family. I really get so much
love and affection from BM and now waiting for 25th BM celebration.
By end of March, I tried to create my blog header
and logo which was appreciated by all.
My 1st event hosted by Preeti’s Kitchen Life is HOLI Fest in March. I really
got many encouraging entries from co-bloggers. Now my 1st giveaway
hosted by me i.e. Sanjeev Kapoor’s cookbook “Sweet Temptation” won by Amarendra from Amu’s recipes. I have hosted
around…….. Events in d last 12 months and currently running Blog-iversary Event, a big event and
celebration in which I have personally sponsor a coffee hamper with two
consolation prizes also available.
My 1st giveaway i.e. Sanjeev Kapoor’s cookbook which given
by Vaishali from Ribbons to Pasta’s. She is really
wonderful lady, no words for her creativity in food and craft zonal. In 2012,
totally I got three giveaway, all three are cookbooks.
I got more than 20 virtual awards by co-bloggers
and Liebster award was my first
award which I got by Poonam. I love
every suggestion and compliments which I got from co-bloggers and non-bloggers,
on my blog, first I started only home, about me, award, and event and contact
us tab. Now more than 10 tabs are available with specific information. When I
started my blog, I decided to maintain recipe index too for easily searching
and scanning. So as a result, I create one more blog for especially recipes
index with name of Preeti’s Kitchen Menu
on 25 Jan 2011. Under this recipes are segregated under different course of
I personally try all the recipes I post and take
pride in arranging it before serving and they are my entire favourite.  Now I try to list some great memories on the
basis of every month.

Out of this my best recipe of the year are Green tikki on protein platter, Idli Manchurian and Paneer Tikka. Paneer Lajwaab is my fav recipe which I tried
from co-bloggers Vaishali’s blog out
of all which I tried yet. A recipe which got so much love and likes from
viewers i.e. “Chola bhature thali”.

Within one year, I published 225 posts, 10 menu tab. I have 172 foodie friends and 468 Facebook Fans who enjoy every moment with me on my blog.
Through this blog, I get so much… good friends;
learn new things, blogging mantra and more.
Now my interest it to learn about photography and
cooking style and earning too.
I have many plans for upcoming year 2013; I look
forward to post some good recipes with better picture quality and lots of
wonderful events with giveaway every month. There are so many gadgets I plan to
get in the anvil n i.e DSLR, Proper homemade food photo studio, custom domain
and so many things in to do list for better blogging.

So let’s enjoy New
Year and Blog-iversary celebration on Preeti’s Kitchen Life.

The Straight Hair Experiment- Tangles Became Glossy & Straight

Everyone knows hair looks are essential part of life style….. For
great personality, you have to great hair texture and style. Now a day’s
straight hair style is in demand

Some Good ideas
already followed by me:
  • Go for hair salon and do temporary
    or permanent straightening/ rebonding treatment with branded and good quality
  • Use a straightening machine for
    the perfect straight hair.
  • Do partition and combo it. Keep
    your hair on the towel and now do iron carefully. Take care about temperature of
    iron too… Not too hot.
  • Heat
    coconut oil or olive oil and after it becomes lukewarm, apply them exactly on
    the scalps. Massage the scalp with the heat oil now cover the head by using a towel
    (Rinse a towel in hot water, wipe) and
    leave it. Repeat this towel process 2-3 times.  Now wash your hair with shampoo, check the
    difference after washing your hair. This way you can get a straight hair.
  • Apply egg twice a month for
    15-20 minutes and wash with cold water. Now your hair will be soft, silky and straight.
  • Homemade

  1. Wash hair with lemon juice, for
    this take 1 mug lukewarm water and add 1 whole lemon juice (clean) and mix
    well. Now pour complete mug of water on hair after shampoo wash. It’s good for
    hair as straight part and also for great fragrance.
  2. Soaked Indian gooseberry (amla)
    and acacia (shikhakai) in the water overnight and drain it. Wash hair with this
    water, for great result of straight and shiny hair.

Some craziest
and wildest ideas for straight hair at your own risk:
  • Use Road Roller: If you know any construction
    location or constructed road area then you will find road roller on free of
    cost. Lie down on ground with forward hair. Run the road roller at own risk but
    you can get straight hair.
  • Use No. of Encyclopedias: There are many books in the
    house especially subjective or encyclopedia, lie down and put heavy weighted
    encyclopedias on hair. It’s a good and cheap way to get the straight hair.
  • Use Spray or Gel: Use spray or gel and comb it…
    now hairs are ready for perfect straight look.
  • Visit
    at Stormy Place: 
    Go for stormy place,
    at the time of strong air going on…. Your hairs become straight.
  • Use Marbles: Tie the marbles at the end of
    hairs edges tightly for whole a day and you will get straight hairs.
  • Use CartoonBox: Use full of cartoon box with
    heavy material or bundle or old newspapers on hairs and sleep well. When wake
    up, you will get straight hairs.
  • Use Rolling Pin/ Roti Maker Machine: Lie down your hair on ground
    for rolling pin or keep your hairs on roti maker machine, when hot enough. You will
    get effective result for straight hair.
  • Use Bed Mattresses: Keep your hair under the bed mattresses
    and watch Salman khan’s movie. When movie will over, you will get straight
  • Use Clothe Clips or Hanger Clips: Wash your hair and hang with
    clips under the sunlight. You will get straight hair soon.

Straight Hair Style 
  • Make Comb and wet your hands.
    Now put your wet hands into any electrical on plug, you get electric shock but
    as result your hair will get straight.
  • Enjoy roller coaster ride for
    getting perfect straight hair.
  • Watch English horror movie for
    getting perfect straight hair.

  • Jump from the high mountain or
    from the airplane; you will get instant straight hair texture.
  • Soak the hair in revive water
    for 10 minutes and keep under the sun for dry…. You will get straight hair.
  • Go to Jungle (Adiwasi ilaqa)…. when kabila’s people will hit.. you will shocked and instantly your hair will get standout straight.
Picture Source: Google
In the last, a main
and perfect solution for perfect straight hair in easy way i.e. Sunsilk

Easy Ways to Preserve Fresh Herbs with Olive Oil

one more time, I’m very happy to present my third edition of guest post for my
blog Preeti’s Kitchen Life. This wonderful opportunity gets By
Guest Blogger Gracie.

Thank you so much for choosing my blog for this
wonderful article on the topic of 
Easy Ways to
Preserve Fresh Herbs with Olive Oil
. So without taking your more time I want to
present my guest article…

Now Gracie says…..
Title: Easy Ways to Preserve Fresh Herbs with Olive
Amazing idea! Why not
the herbs and fresh leaves be preserved?
Yes, they can be
conserved for the winter. As in summer many new leaves and fresh thymes are
gathered, they can be well kept for the winter’s soup without missing your favorite
ingredients. Garden-fresh herbs are not available everywhere, the neatness and
freshness cannot be obtained. So the best way to freeze the herbs is in oil.
Rather than using different oils store those in olive grease which can
safeguard the herbs from browning and other freezer burns.
As the dishes contain
oils to cook the onions and potatoes, conserve the herbs in oil which may be
used directly and they can act as a base for your dish. The preservation works
with the best of basil leaves, herbs, broccoli and oregano. The soft herbs such
as the thymes, mint and lemon verbena are usually added raw to the whole dish.
So freeze the herbs which can be used for basil pesto. The main reason of icing
them in oil is the aromas of the leaves are well infused so, this acts like a
bonus for the recipe. 
Never make the herbs
delicate by freezing them. Follow few methods which can be well-kept.

  • Select the leaves which are cultivated in the summer but not in winter,
    can be used for winter dishes. So choose firm and fresh leaves, herbs from your
  • Collect them all separately and chop them fine if needed. At times the
    larger sprigs and leaves are also well preserved. So the frozen thymes are very
    much useful.
  • Herbs such as stalk, oregano, rosemary, sage, broccoli, and fennel can be
    gathered, finely chopped and can be placed in an ice cube tray. The wells are
    almost filled with thymes and later pour some olive oil or the unsalted butter
    over the herbs.
  • The tray can be covered with a plastic wrap which can safeguard and freeze
    it overnight. These can be preserved in different moulds or jars also.
  • Later the frozen cubes are removed from the ice trays and stored in a
    container. These can be placed in small bags also and can be used for winter
    roast chickens.
  • Make sure you label the bags with their names containing the herbs. People
    use different oils also, so with the oils can serve you better.
  • This can allow the aroma of the leaves packed inside and spread in the
    recipe. In this way the leaves don’t lose their potency. 
This is a brilliant
idea which is loved by many. This is a perfect, healthy and safe way to
conserve the stems. It acts as a tip for every kitchen lover and cook lover. Cash
loan UK can be taken as a help for buying the ingredients ideally from the
market. Instead opt for this outstanding idea which can save your money.

Author Bio:
This is Gracie a Guest blogger from UK. I have written many guest posts on
different categories like Home-improvement, Beauty, Health, Technology,
Business and finance. At present I am doing research on same day loans. You can find more about me @finance port 

Bounty Chocolate (Home-made)

Bounty chocolate recipe is very easy and sweet recipe with combo of
coconut and chocolate which loved by everyone in my family. In my childhood, I
ate this chocolate many times, but I got proper “bounty” name from the Aarthi’s

Preparation Time: 10

Cooking Time: Chilling time
Servings: 10 pieces
1 Cup Desiccated coconut powder (white)
100 Gm. Condense milk
Cooking Chocó chips
Butter for greasing
Aluminium sheet or butter paper


Combine condense milk and coconut powder in bowl and make ball
shaped from this mixture.
Now melt the choco chips in double boiler or microwaves… don’t overcook
or direct on stove.
Now place the butter paper on dish or if you don’t have butter paper,
so you can place aluminium sheet and grease with little butter.
Dip the coconut balls and coat with chocolate. Place the coated
balls on greasing plate and keep freezer till to set. You can keep remaining
chocolate balls in zip lock bag or airtight container for long time in freezer.
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Maggie Cutlets

Today I prepare Maggie cutlets for Blogging Marathon # 23 on last
day…..  Under this recipe,
we mix boiled noddles and veggies with spices for stiff dough and fried till to
golden and crispy. This snack is good for winter or monsoon season both. I love
the variation with veggie in this snack and kids and adults both love this. You can add the veggies and as per your kids choice and also use maggie masala too for more tastier. 

Preparation time: 20
Cooking time: 15-20
Servings: 12 pieces

1 Cup Maggie, boiled (1 packet)
1 Medium Sized Onion, fine chopped
1 Medium Sized Capsicum, fine chopped
1/2 Cup Carrot, peel and fine chopped
1/2 Cup Peas
1 Medium Sized Potatoes, boiled and mashed
1 Green Chili, fine chopped
Salt to taste
Red Chili to taste
1/4 Tsp. Garam masala
1/2 Tbsp. Amchoor
2 Tbsp. Coriander powder
Vegetable Oil for deep frying

chopped onion, capsicum and green chili
boiled maggie
add boiled carrots and peas
add boiled and mashed potatoes
add boiled maggie
add spices
add bread crumb
knead dough consistency 
shaped cutlets
fried maggie cutlets

Boil Maggie pack with water.
Boil the chop carrots and peas together for 5 minutes in microwave. 
Now combine chop green capsicum, onion, green chili, boiled carrots and peas in
big bowl. 
Now add boiled and mashed potato in it. Mix well.
Now combine boiled Maggie with veggies and spices together.  
Add enough bread crumbs for stiff dough consistency
as in picture.
Now divide the dough into equal 12-14 portions.
Fry in hot oil
till to golden and crispy on low flame. 
Serve hot Maggie cutlets with sauce or
green chutney.

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Marie Biscuit Chocolate Log

Waiting is over and now Christmas at our doorsteps, Kids and adults
both are busy in celebration and shopping. Every one enjoying this weekend
which start with Christmas and end with New Year celebration…. So here I’m come
with some Christmas special recipe which easy and instant to prepare for your
guests and friends…….
This time I prepare Marie
Biscuit Chocolate Log
from Gayathri’s Blog…. When I saw this easy and yummy
chocolate recipe in the blogging marathon time and bookmarked it for my blog
too. I love this log and really it’s tempting and easy to cook anytime with few

Preparation Time: Less
than 20 Minutes

Cooking Time: 0 min+
Chilling time
Servings: 1 Log
Recipe Source:

14 Marie Biscuits
1/2 Cup Warm Milk
1 Tbsp. Cocoa Powder
1 Tsp. Sugar
For Butter Cocoa Cream
3 Tbsp. Butter
1/2 Tbsp. Cocoa Powder
3 Tbsp. Icing Sugar
1 Tsp. Vanilla essence
2 Tbsp. Nutella Chocolate (optional)
For garnishing
Choco chips
Roasted Nuts, Chopped
Drinking chocolate


Mix cocoa powder, milk and sugar together in bowl, you can use
coffee powder too instead of cocoa powder.
Mix butter, icing sugar and cocoa powder with nutella and essence
in another bowl.
Dip Marie biscuits into milk mixture and arrange one above the
Now spread butter cocoa cream on log, cover it completely with
thick layer.
Top with roasted and chopped nuts and choco chips. Sprinkle drinking
Freeze till to 1 hour or more till to serve.
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Easy Cookie Cocoa Truffles

Under this theme “Kids Delight dessert” for Blogging Marathon # 23, I
prepared all three recipes with chocolate because of Christmas too. So today I
upload Easy Cookie based homemade truffles with flavor of cocoa and for
crunchiness taste, add roasted nuts and choco chips.
Cookie cocoa truffle is very unique trial for me…. There is a little
twist behind this … I wanted to prepare no bake egg-less brownie from the Edible Garden , but do not know how, my brownie did not set properly. I did
everything according to her recipe. Then after passing whole day, I prepared truffles from
this batter and coat with coconut or chocolate powder because I hate wastage of
any kind of material or food.. 
At the end I got, some awesome, crunchy and tasty Easy Cookie Cocoa Truffles.

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes
Cooking Time: 0 minutes + chilling time
Serving: 12-15 pieces (depend on size)

15-20 Marie
2 Tbsp. Cocoa
2 Tsp. Powdered Sugar
1/3 Tin Condense
Roasted Almonds
and cashews, Chopped
Choco Chips
Drinking chocolate
Coconut Powder, white  

Biscuits flour 
Coco powder and flour in bowl
add  powdered sugar
add roasted nuts and choco chips
Condense Milk
Fold it and smooth Batter
place in freeze to set for 1-2 hour
roll it with coconut powder or chocolate powder
Break the
biscuits into half or quarterly, now add in jar and grind it till to flour
Combine biscuits
flour into big bowl and add coco powder. Mix well.
Now add sugar and
chopped roasted almonds, cashews and choco chips. Mix well.
Add condense milk
and fold it with silicon spatula. Now place the butter paper in dish and place
into freezer for 1-2 hour.
Now scoop 1tbsp.
portion and give round shape. Coat with coconut powder or chocolate powder
whatever you like.  Keep refrigerate till
to serve.
Enjoy easy
homemade cookies truffles at home…. With kids on upcoming Christmas.
Merry Christmas.

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Nutella Popsicles

Today I post very special and instant recipe from the point of cooking…
Hope every kid like this version of ice-cream. Under this recipe, we combine
chocolate and milk together and place in freezer to set. I really enjoy every
single bite of this popsicles and remind my childhood. For garnishing, at the
time of serving you can make so much interesting with chocolate syrup on the

Preparation time: 10
Cooking time: 0 Minutes
+ Chilling Time
Servings: 5 Popsicle

1 1/3 Cup Milk
1/2 Cup Nutella
Chocolate syrup for garnish

Combine milk and nutella in one bowl and blend it till to smooth
and foggy consistency.
Now place this mixture into ice-cream moulds.
Place ice-cream moulds into freezer and serve chilled. 
At the time of serving, pour little syrup on the top of pops.

Choco Banana Bites

For 3rd week of blogging marathon # 23, I choose Kids
delight- Dessert theme. Under this theme, I prepare Choco Banana Bites. For this
recipe we coat the ripe bananas into melted chocolate & peanut butter. Set into
freeze till to hard. 

Preparation Time: 0
Cooking Time:  10 Minutes
Servings:  10 Pieces

2 Ripe Bananas
1/2 Cup Choco chips or Nutella Choco spread
1/2 Cup Peanut Butter

Melt Choco chips in double boiler or in microwave.
Now add peanut butter and mix well till to smooth consistency
Peel and Cut the bananas into diced form (1 inch thick pieces).
Now toss the banana pieces one by one in Choco dip and roll it.
Place the banana pieces coated with chocolate on butter paper or
greased aluminium plate.
Transfer to the freezer till to hard. Now Choco banana bites are
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Shoppers Stop to Style Statement

Shoppers Stop is well known outlet
where you get complete chain of all renowned brand at one place… No need to
worry for any material to accessories regarding to your own style
statement.  As per scenario everyone is conscious about her look… and
wants to wear only branded clothe. So shopper stop is that place where you gets
so many discounts and always gets better options in every brand at one place.

Shoppers Stop means…. No need to
worry about quality & price.

There are so many benefits of
shopping with SHOPPERS STOP…..  

  • Awesome Quality
  • Brand Trust
  • Lots of discounts and schemes
  • Time saving (all things at one place)
  • Good service and so more

Now here I present 3 looks for girl…
First Look for On-going Wedding
Season or Festival Look too:


Second for On-going Winter Season:

Evening or Night Party Look:

And Last for Casual Look:

All this lovely looks are my favorite and according to my style statement: