Sep 11, 2017

Quinoa Oats Idlis

Quinoa is gluten free seeds and rich source of protein and fiber. Quinoa is one of the few plant sources of complete protein, containing all nine essential amino acids. It is also high in magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins and many beneficial antioxidants.

What I love about quinoa is that, it is not only delicious but also versatile.  You can prepare any dish with quinoa like idli, snacks, main course or dessert. I tried quinoa in every course, will share other recipes soon. Oats also protein rich ingredients… adding both ingredients together with semolina makes awesome snack.  

To make this healthy idlis just roasted quinoa and oats in dry pan and grind them till to ground powder. Combining quinoa, oats and semolina with sour buttermilk and vegetables to make these tempting idlis and served with tomato chutney. 

Quinoa Oats Idlis

Preparation Time: 30 Minutes
Cooking Time: 20 Minutes
Servings: 4
Category: Snacks
Cuisine: South Indian
Cooking Method: Steamed

1 Cup Quinoa
1 Cup Multigrain Oats
1/2 Cup Semolina
1 Cup Sour Buttermilk
Salt to Taste
Black Pepper to Taste
1 Tsp. Fruit Salt Eno

For Tempering
Few Curry Leaves
1 Tsp. Mustard Seeds
2 Tbsps. Oil
2 Green Chilies
1/4 Cup Onion
1/2 Cup Carrots and Sweet Corn

Grind the quinoa and oats together in mixer to get fine powder form.
Transfer into large bowl and add semolina, salt and pepper powder and mix it.
Add buttermilk and mix it properly to get idli consistency batter.
Now heat the oil in separate tadka pan. Add mustard seeds, curry leaves when they starts splutter.
Add green chilies, onion, carrots and corn and cook for 5 minutes.
Remove from the flame, add this veggie tadka into idli batter and mix it gently.
Keep the batter aside for 10 minutes, if batter looks thin or thick then adjust the batter consistency.
Grease the idli moulds with oil and add fruit salt eno in the batter and mix it.
Heat the cooker or steamer with ½ glass of water on medium flame.
Pour the batter in moulds and steam for 15-18 minutes in cooker.
Serve with tomato or coconut chutney.

Notes: Insert the toothpick in idli to check idli cook or not.
Remove the whistle before steaming.

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  1. wow I guess everybody has made their share of Idlis with quinoa, I will have to make it myself!..your platter looks too good and so inviting Preeti and instant too..

  2. This is a healthy and delicious breakfast, An awesome way to start a day!!

  3. This quinoa oats idli is quite popular these days. A very healthy and tasty variation of regular idlis.

  4. Super duper idlis! Would love be to make these with all veggies . These idlis are healthy and tempting Preeti .

  5. I started replacing rice with quinoa these days when grinding the idli batter. But never included oats. It's either one. :-)After seeing this recipe, I need to definitely try combining quinoa and oats. Love the tempering. It's like rava idli.

  6. Quinao and oats idlies rocks, even am trying to add quinoa much in our diet, lovely idlies there, fantastic dish.

  7. that is a lovely quick fix version of idli. Looks fabulous with the chutney. Bookmarking this!

  8. A very nice nutritious idli recipe. Quinoa idli is on my 'to do list'. You've not only added quinoa but also Would love to try out this recipe.

  9. This looks so delicious. The addition of oats and quinoa in the rava idli makes it so nutritious. I would love to have this with chutney.

  10. Hmm instant idlis with oats n quinoa sounds delicious. must try them I love the veggies you have added.

  11. Veggie idli with different grains than usual sounds good. They would pair well with chutney and sambar

  12. So eager to try this version of quinoa oats idlis. - Anlet Prince( )

  13. I have tried other recipes with quinoa but not idlis. Will have to try soon..

  14. I am bookmarking many protein rich idli recipes in this marathon. Seems like we can run a separate marathon for such idli recipes :)


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