Sep 1, 2017

Golden Milk Smoothie | Smoothie Recipe

Turmeric is the golden yellow spice, generally used in Asian Kitchen. It is obtained from the ginger alike rhizome of curcuma longa, a tropical herb from India. The well-researched anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-cancer properties of turmeric make it worth including in your diet. You can take it in milk or in curry.

Turmeric milk is known as golden milk because of its beautiful color. You can use dry powder or fresh turmeric root in milk. This golden milk is easy to prepare and highly beneficial.

This golden milk smoothie makes you feel good with only 5 ingredients i.e. turmeric, milk, banana, chia seeds and some spices. Nutrient content: 2 teaspoons of turmeric – 16 calories, 17% daily manganese and 10% daily iron and  great source of vitamin B6, dietary fiber, and potassium.

The reason chia seeds are so beneficial is due to them being rich in fiber, omega-3 fats, protein, vitamins and minerals.

Bananas are a highly nutritious fruit used to boost the health. They also contain protein and healthy fiber, along with a large dose of healthy potassium. Bananas actually make a healthy snack for just about everyone -- from babies to adults.

Golden Milk Smoothie | Smoothie Recipe

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes 
Cooking Time: 5 Mintues
Servings: 2
Category: Beverages
Cuisine: Fusion
Cooking Method: Blending

2 Cups Full Cream Milk
1 Tsp. Turmeric powder
1/2 Tsp. Cardamom powder
1/4 Tsp. Cinnamon Powder 
2 Tbsp. Honey
1/4 Tsp. Black Pepper Powder 
1/2 Tsp. Vanilla Essence
2 Ripe Bananas, Chopped
2 Tbsps. Chia Seeds

Boil the milk on high flame, when milk starts boiling.
Add cardamom, cinnamon, honey, turmeric, pepper powder and vanilla essence. Stir and boil for 2 mintues only.
Remove from the flame and keep at room temperature to cool.
Now your golden milk is ready to use furthur.
Add chia seeds and chopped banana and blend it till to smooth. Serve chilled. 

Notes: You can add scoop of vanilla icecream also at the time of blending, optional.
You can add sugar also instead of honey.
Add 1/2 cup of rolled oats also to make healthier. 

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  1. That is a lovely way to turn the traditional turmeric milk to a smoothie. I bet it is easier to get kids to have it. Beautiful pics.

  2. This smoothie looks so delicious Preeti. I do stock up on fresh turmeric roots. Let me try this smoothie. The addition of banana and chia seeds make it so much interesting..

  3. I always make pickle from fresh turmeric. The golden smoothie looks very healthy and must have tasted nice too.

  4. Such a beautiful color! I think the kids will like this better than serving them turmeric-pepper milk.

  5. Thats a good start and an interesting smoothie Preeti..

  6. I knew someone would start with smoothies , and what a choice ! Interesting recipe , you have transformed the basic milk to a exotic smoothie !

  7. Much needed smoothie for this monsoon.. Looks so inviting..

  8. I agree with sharmila. Much need one and love the addition of banana and chia seeds. That golden colour is so tempting.

  9. Such an interesting smoothie and the addition of chia seeds sounds extremely fabulous. That golden milk smoothie rocks.

  10. Golden milk was such a craze last year. Good to see a smoothie here

  11. Making a turmeric smoothie with oats... ummmm now that's a good idea. Why didn't I think of that? Its such a healthy ingredient.

  12. Thats a nice start and golden milk looks so healthy and filling

  13. This Smoothie has an attractive name as per me. Beautiful color too - Anlet Prince

  14. A very different start to this marathon. I didn't think of a drink rich in protein. Looking forward to your other recipes.


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