Feb 9, 2016

Ginger Ale Lemonade | Ginger Ale Syrup Recipe

Ginger Ale syrup is good for many summer cooler recipes. For this recipe, you have to boil the ginger with sugar and water. Even you can store this syrup in glass jar in fridge for at least one week. Once you have the ginger ale syrup on hand, it’s very easy to prepare summer coolers, lemonade and more beverages.

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes
Cooking Time:  More than 30 Minutes
Servings: 2
Category: Beverages
Cuisine: Indian

For Ginger Ale Syrup
1 Cup Ginger, peeled and chopped
3/4 Cup Sugar
2 Cup Water

For Lemonade
3 Tbsps. Lemon Juice
2 Bottles Club Soda
Ginger Ale Syrup

Boil the ginger in water for 20 minutes and remove from the flame and strain it. Again add this ginger liquid in saucepan and add sugar and pinch of salt. Boil it until sugar has dissolved. Keep this ginger syrup in glass jar for further use.

Now add syrup, lemon juice and soda in pitcher. Serve chilled with lemon wedges and ice cubes. Adjust the taste carefully.

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Feb 7, 2016

Thai Food Promotion @ Flluid, Mosaic Noida

Mosaic Hotels proudly presents the tempting flavors of Thai cuisine. During the month of February, Chefs and talented team of mosaic will spice up your taste buds with authentic Thai delicacies at Flluid and Latitude. These authentic dishes are perfect blend of ingredients that tantalize and balance the taste with bursts of sour, sweet, salty and tangy flavors as well as interesting textures. The distinctive strong aromatic herbs and spices make these cuisines extremely tempting. 

The complete meal will be offering a traditional Thai special 3 course culinary experience comprises of Appetizer, Main Course & Desserts. Appetizer will have a wide variety of salads, soups and specialties like Thai High Satay, Kai Krob, Pla Nung Makham, Porpia Chae (spring roll), Tom Kha Phak- Soup with coconut milk, vegetables and galangal, Som Tam- Spicy raw papaya salad and Satay Che to choose from.

The main course will comprise of sumptuous dishes like Thai High Chicken (Non Vegetarian dish made with pieces of chicken tossed in Thai high special sauce), 
Pla Tom Som (Poached fish with ginger, lemon grass and red onion), 
Phad Kraphawed Plik Sod (Vegetarian recipe made with Mushroom in sweet basil with fresh green chili), 
Khao Phad Kraphaw (Spicy fried rice with hot basil in a choice of chicken or vegetables), 
Thai Flat Rice Noodles with choice of chicken or vegetables, Steamed rice and Jasmine rice.

It is followed by mouthwatering desserts like Coconut Mint Souffle, Sticky Rice Pudding and choice of ice creams. I tried Coconut Mint Souffle which prepared with egg white, cream, coconut flakes and mint....creamy texture dessert served in stem glass and garnish with chocolate curves and fresh mint sprigs.

Flluid is a restaurant cum bar located at Mosaic Hotels, Noida offers a luscious range of modern cuisine, ambience and privacy. It boasts of an urban design lounge bar, offering all that one could ask for, the great options of mocktails, cocktails, selection of international spirits, wine, beers and liquors. It includes lavish buffet served for Breakfast and Lunch, along with a sophisticated a-la carte menu. The Exclusive Private Area is equipped with a fully movable set up that can be fine-tuned as ones mood proposes. Flluid is open all seven days from 11 a.m. in the morning till 11.00 p.m. night. 

Latitude is the specialty restaurant of authentic Indian delicacies, located at Mosaic Hotels, Noida. The plush ambiance with modern elegant designs strongly inspired by ethnic Indian sensation evokes a far-fetched aesthetic rapture in different ways. 

Come to Mosaic and savor scrumptious Thai food at a very exclusive price from 8th to 14th February 2016 from 11AM to 11PM. The exotic Thai food would cost Rs. 999+taxes for two people.

For reservations, please contact: 9650711665 or 9560599400

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Feb 6, 2016

Dunkin' Donuts Launches Four New Coffees In India

Dunkin’ Donuts, India’s first All-Day Part and Adult Quick Service Restaurant (Adult QSR) chain recently launched its latest products offering. Dunkin’ Donuts has launched 4 new coffees - Bangalore Startup Coffee, Boston Black Coffee, Therapeutic Cappuccino, Tough Guy Cappuccino.

Dunkin Donuts is world 2nd largest coffee chain which shared huge varieties of coffees and donuts. As I am big fan of creamy and frothy coffees, so when Dunkin’ Donuts announced their four new range of coffee… feeling excited. Personally I love Therapeutic Cappuccino compare to others. 

The products have been created by Chef Felix Daniel and his team. The range of coffees includes options such as:

Bangalore Startup Coffee
Inspired by the startup culture of the city, it gives one the confidence and energy to achieve anything. The light flavors, reminiscent of the South Indian Filter Coffee, are a result of the 100% Arabica roast coffee beans decoction mixed with piping hot milk.

Boston Black Coffee
The straight-forward, light and easy-going coffee is a palatable version of the classic black coffee – sans the bitterness - for the Indian audiences.

Therapeutic Cappuccino
Designed to soothe the senses, this is a 100% Arabica Italian-style coffee and rich hot chocolate, generously dressed with whipped cream and drizzled with cinnamon powder.

Tough Guy Cappuccino
This tough coffee is a hard-working triple shot of dark-roast 100% Arabica espresso in rich textured milk, with a hint of brandy flavour. Perfect for those long hours to be put in for achieving the impossible!

Launching the new range of Coffee, Mr. Dev Amritesh, President and COO, Dunkin’ Donuts India, said, “Today’s youth is running at an undeterred pace with a desire to conquer the world. Dunkin’ Donuts acknowledges this “spirit to conquer” through the new range of coffees. It is the ultimate fuel to keep you going so that with “enough coffee you could shake the world”.

Dunkin’s new range of coffees occupies an emergent space of coffee consumption between the two called Real-Social. Inspired from real-social contexts in youth’s life – workspace and relationships, the coffees are designed as the ultimate self help for the 24x7 youth culture.

Tags: Coffee, dunkin' donuts, delhi, restaurants, cafe, coffee shop, black coffee, lemon coffee, review, espresso, simplytadka, cannought place donuts, burgers. 

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Feb 2, 2016

Leftover Dal Sooji Kebab | Dal Sooji Tikki

Whenever i found leftover dal or any vegetable curry in fridge, we used in kneading dough. It gives flavorful and tasty parathas for breakfast. This time i used leftover dal to prepare tikki or kebab. For this recipe, mix the carrot, onion with dal and cook with sooji. You can serve this kebabs or tikkis with spicy green coriander chutney and lemon wedges. It’s a great evening snack with a cup of masala tea.

Leftover Dal Sooji Kebab | Dal Sooji Tikki

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes
Cooking Time: 50 Minutes
Servings: 4
Category: Snacks
Cuisine: Indian

1 1/4 Cup Leftover Yellow dal
1/2 Cup Semolina/ Sooji
1 Medium Carrot, Grated
1 Medium Onion, Chopped
1 Tsp. Ginger and Chili Paste
1 Tsp. Mustard Seeds
6-8 Curry Leaves
Salt to Taste
1 Tsp. Raw Mango Powder
1/2 Tbsp. Lemon Juice
1 Tbsp. Oil
1/2 Cup Bread Crumbs
Few Coriander Leaves, Chopped
Vegetable Oil, for deep frying

Heat the 1 tbsp. oil in non-stick pan and add mustard seeds and curry leaves.
When they start splutter add ginger chili paste and chopped onion and sauté for 1 minute.
Add grated carrot and sauté for 2 minutes. Add raw mango powder, salt and lemon juice and mix it.
Add dal and mix well. Cook for two minutes on medium flame.

Add roasted semolina and mix it. Cook till to moisture absorbed.
Remove the mixture in separate plate and add bread crumbs and coriander, knead it gently.
Heat the enough oil in separate wok on medium flame. Divide the mixture into equal quantity and shape them in tikki form.

Dip the each tikki into flour and water mixture and roll into bread crumbs.
Fry the tikkis in small batches till to golden and crisp on medium flame.  Serve hot tikkis with green chutney.

Notes: You can use any leftover dal for this recipe.

Tags: leftover dal, dal recipes, semolina recipe, simplytadka, snacks, starters, monsoon recipes, tea time snacks, bread crumbs recipes, leftover recipes, kebab recipes, cutlet recipes, tikki, healthy recipe. 

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