Sep 11, 2015

Tawa Pulao – Delhi Street Food

Tawa Pulao is very popular street food in Delhi and Mumbai. Tawa Pulao as name suggests, it’s made on tawa. The street vendors have big tawa which most probably used for pav bhaji or hot dog type of street food. 

Tawa pulao is a quick recipe which made with par boiled rice or leftover rice. You have to cook the rice and vegetables together and sauté with masala on tawa. Generally street vendors used butter and pav bhaji masala to make this pulao that enhance the taste more and little spicy in taste. I made this recipe for blogging marathon under Indian cuisine theme, hope my foodie friend like it and share feedback.

Tawa Pulao – Delhi Street Food

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes
Cooking Time: 20 Minutes
Servings: 4
Category: Rice

2 Cup Basmati Rice, Cook
2 Cup Carrot, Capsicum, Peas
2 Large Onion, Sliced
1 Tsp. Ginger chili paste
2 Large Tomato, Chopped
Red Chili powder to taste
2 Tsp. Pav Bhaji Masala
Salt to taste
Half Lemon Juice
Handful Coriander Leaves, Chopped for garnishing
2 Tbsp. Butter
1 Tsp. Jeera

Heat the butter in non-stick pan on medium flame.
Add jeera when they starts splutter, add sliced onion and ginger chili paste and sauté until translucent.
Add chopped tomatoes, pav bhaji masala, red chili powder and stir continuously till to soft.
Add boiled peas, chopped carrots and capsicum and sauté till to soft. 
Add salt, cooked rice and mix well.  Add lemon juice and coriander and mix it.
Serve hot tawa pulao with curd or raita.

Notes: You can boil or microwave the vegetable separately for quick cooking.

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  1. This is my personal favorite pulao.Looks yummy.

  2. Love such flavored rice dishes. Pav baaji masala must have enchanced the flavor.

  3. Never get bored of this pulao, my all time favourite.

  4. We love this Tava Pulao , in fact I have made it for dinner tonight. Your version looks tempting and has a beautiful color.

  5. That is definitely a flavorful rice dish.

  6. Wow very tempting pulao.. Love the gorgeous color u got there

  7. I thought it was a mumbai street food! didnt know it also belonged to Delhi !! lovely colour it has !!

  8. I love tawa pulao..and your bowl looks inviting

  9. I thought of trying this for long time..Well made Preeti

  10. This tawa pulao seems to be pretty popular. I am yet to try this.

  11. Your tawa pulao looks so colorful and flavorful.

  12. Looks so colourful and absolutely inviting..

  13. your version of classic street foods looks delicious


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