Apr 14, 2015

South Asian Food Festival as “SASSIAN Journey”

Cross Cultural collaborations was conducted four days South Asian festival as “SASSIAN Journey” on 28-31 March, 2015 at The Ashoka Hotel. This festival was hosted a lotus bazaar, which was included a series of trans-disciplinary workshops, events, performances, symposia, exhibitions and fests. The bazaar was offered space for direct retail to a selected few artists, artisans and cultural enterprises from all 9 South Asian countries attempting to connect the above to the global market.

The objective behind this event was increased employment and accelerated growth and also enhances regional integration and cooperation amongst the 9 South Asian countries- India, Pakistan, Maldives, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Burma, Sri-Lanka and Afghanistan.  It was represented some of India’s and South Asia’s best design led interventions by leading NGO’s, craft practitioners, designers and artists.

South Asia is one region where eating habits in most of the countries shares a lot of commonality. To encourage and promote the cuisine from different South Asian countries, Asian Heritage foundation and Self-Employed Women’s Association launched one movement which known as “SASIAN Journey”. Lotus Bazaar was also host South Asia’s first food exhibition named “Sanjha Chulha” means common kitchen, curated by Dr. Pushpesh Pant to promote the incredible variety of local and regional cuisines of South Asia showcasing the diversity of culinary art, where nine countries displayed mouth-watering and traditional cuisines.

Senior executive chef Mr. Rajan Loomba explained the whole concept about Sanjha Chulha and why they planned to launch this South Asian Food festival, where all authentic cuisines from nine South Asian Countries. Thanks to Chefs and Ms. Kinni's team through which I got a chance to taste all the mouth-watering and authentic dishes from South Asian Countries. They were served Murgh Rehana, Gulnar Biryani, Paneer Peshwari, Tea, Afghani Naan, Pol Roti, Vegetarian Momos, Phirni as dessert and some more Non-vegetarian Dishes from menu in our plate. All recipes were awesome in taste and lip-smacking. Love to interact and chitchat with senior chefs of Hotel Ashoka and other Co-bloggers on one table.

The Menu from different countries are-
Murgh Rehana with Naan/Parantha
Gulnar Biryani with Raita/Salad
Dum Gosht Biryani with Raita/Salad
Stuffed Gulab Jamun

Sri Lanka:
Kukul Mas Curry (Chicken flavored with coconut milk, curry leaves, black pepper & Gigi paste) with Kaha Bhaat  (Yellow Rice tempered with mustard seeds & curry leaves )
Kukul Mas Curry with Pol Roti(Coconut Flavoured grilled roti)

Anda Keema Kaleji Naan/Parantha
Soya Keema Kaleji Naan/Parantha
Paneer Peshawari with Naan/Parantha

Afghani Shorva (Thin Mutton preparation) with Afgani Naan

Nepal / Bhutan:
Veg Thupka(Veg Stew topped with noodles)
Veg Momos with Dip(Chilli Garlic)
Chicken Momos with Dip(Chilli Garlic)

Sarson Maach (Mustard Flavored fish curry)with steamed rice

Dessert Menu
Mishti Doi from Bangladesh
Stuffed Gulab Jamun from India
Tila Kufi from Indian Subcontinent
Phirni from Pakistan

In the Evening the festival has nice combination of snacks, from 3pm to 7pm
Samosa with Mint Chutney
Fried Vegetable Wontons
Chicken Momos with Dips
Vegetable Momos with Dips

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