Jan 16, 2015

Top 5 Chinese Food Restaurants in Delhi

Whenever you start smelling Chinese foods walking down the streets of Delhi then think that it’s the correct time to go for some Chinese foods in a nice restaurant of Delhi. It doesn’t matters whether you love fried rice, noodles, Chow Mein, egg rolls, Wonton Soup, Chop Suey or Chow- Mo-Mo-Mo-Mo Mein- you are lucky enough to get every Chinese food in Delhi. That is the beauty and advantage of being in Delhi! You may easily come across lots of Chinese food Restaurants in Delhi but it is not necessary they all are good. If you want to have the true Chinese flavor in the foods then try for these restaurants. They are considered the best in Delhi for genuine Chinese foods!

1.      Yum Yum Cha- Saket New Delhi
With utmost comfort and confidence I can say that it is one of the best places in Delhi where you can taste some true Chinese cuisines. Every food served here has own unique flavor -entirely different. It is a great place for sushi foods. You can also try for spring rolls.

2.      Berco’s- Connaught Place
You can find Berco’s at 14 locations in Delhi-NCR Region. This is more than enough for you to assume how much big is it’s’ operations and business establishment.  Plus point is that it is not that much expensive. It gives a great value for your money. You can try for its Hakka noodles, cottage cheese with hot garlic sauce, butter pepper garlic noodles. In drinks you can order for fruit beer and ginger fizz with dimsums.

3.      Mamagato- Khan Market- New Delhi
You will have an amazing experience dining at mamagato! This is what my friends usually tell me. The foods are exceptionally tasty at Mamagato. Its soothing décor, stunning ambience, cozy and warm atmosphere and moreover exceptional foods will give a memorable experience for ever.

4.      Yum Yum Tree- New Friends Colony- New Delhi
If you want to enjoy full of Sushi, Dimsums, bowls full of Chinese dishes and unlimited drinks, then pay a visit Yum Yum Tree on Thursday. Truly an amazing place for Chinese foods! You will always enjoy its spicy Salmon, Wasabi, pomegranate sojutini and cheese cake.

5.      Chew – Pan Asian Café- Connaught Place
You can also try this- a very nice restaurant for Chinese foods in the heart of Delhi. Great place for veggies- lots of foods to choose from the menu. You will like its décor, funny writings on the wall, swings. If you don’t have any individual preferences then try for vegetable spring rolls. For Non Vegetarians too, there are some nice foods.

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