Sep 28, 2014

Tupperware "Care4Food" Campaign- Review

Few days back, I got a mail from Tupperware, asking me to share my tips, ideas and experience about food resources and promote Care4Food campaign. I happily agreed to share my views about this campaign.

India is a developing country after digitalization still people faces the problem of poverty and hunger issues. Lots of child do not get proper food and suffer with the disease of malnutrition. We have to takes some basic initiative for reduce the problem. Every small step of saving food and reduce wastage helps in reducing such kind of issues to some extent.  The agenda of such help should be protect the wastage and store the food for hunger people. If we have leftover food then utilizes the food in another form which calls recycling or giving the twist to old one.

Today every citizen has objective to understand the value of food resources and secure or store the food to stop the wastage. Now you can protect the food through using Tupperware products like freeze range, microwave range, dry storage range and more.

Tupperware is a leading brand which deals in storage products. These products are completely safe, eco-friendly, non-toxic which are good for food as well as health and stay food fresh for long time. To promoting food storage habits, Tupperware has taken an initiative to spread awareness about the best food storage ideas. Tupperware engages to celebrate the care and love towards food in the form of “Tupperware care4food day” and “6th April” is official day of celebration. Care4Food is a platform that offers methods to take care of food at various levels right from buying, storing, preparation and leftover management. Food lovers can share their own experiences and practices of saving food and support this campaign to become a Food Savior.

Some ideas for care4food in smart ways:-
  • Cook right portions and avoid wastage.
  • Give a new twist to leftover food. Why waste? Just change the taste.
  • Store the food and ensure that the food stays fresh for long period.

Some tips and recipes from my blog Simply in context of leftover makeover:-
  • You can be prepared Idli Manchurian, Vegetable Idli, Idli fries and Idli sandwiches through leftover Idlis
  • You can prepare chop chop chapati with leftover chapati, parathas and puris.
  • You can store the ice-creams in freezer friendly containers.
  • You can store or preserve the leftover vegetables or fruits, green leafy items and bread slices in refrigerator range which makes fresh for long period.
  • Every time when you will buy vegetables or cook recipes... try to purchase or cook in small quantity which avoids wastage.

Spread the word, take a pledge and say I Care4Food.

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  1. Love all the tips to avoid wastage of food. That is one thing I have noticed in the western world, wastage of so much food. I put coriander, methi, spinach etc in between newspaper or kitchen towel and in a tupperware to make it last longer.
    I am hosting a diwali event, please do participate.Thanks.


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