May 18, 2014

Product Review for Paper Boat Drinks- Serve or Sip

From the last three month, I was busy in my new life… that’s call marriage. It’s a wonderful time which I want to enjoy with new family. But now I came back with new recipes and some more product reviews for my lovely reader.

Two months back, I received a proposal from the marketing team of Paper boat drinks brand regarding product review on my space. I get a courier from paper boat drinks with pack of seven pouches, each flavour packed in attractive and aluminium lined paper pouches. When I opened the box, it had seven pouches of drinks in flavour of aamras, Jamun kala khatta, jaljeera, kokum, aam panna, golgappe ka pani, imli ka amlana. I completely influence with the name of product, Paperboat which went into memories of childhood when we made small paper boats in monsoon season…. Childhood memories make us happy anytime. After that, it’s amazing shape and color of packaging makes excited. It’s really amazing and fresh in taste which maintains quality and quantity both equally in one packing. My husband loved this product and all range specially Jamun Kala khatta flavor which remind us childhood most favourite drink.

Positive reactions:
·         Easy to serve and sip.
·         Fresh and flavourful in taste, good for upcoming summer season.
·         Easy to carry in travelling and eco-friendly packaging.
·         No preservatives and completely healthy drinks.
·         Product is very economical as per quality and quantity from the both aspects.

Life line of Paperboat
Paperboat run by industry veterans and they have team of four fantastic directors from varied backgrounds are Neeraj Kakkar, James, Suhas Misra and Neeraj Biyani. Behind every successful drinks or flavour, they have childhood memory.

Why call it Paperboat?
Why call oxygen, oxygen? Why call the sun, the sun? Why call anything, anything? Why not complete nomenclatural anarchy, while we’re at it? That would be nice though. A world where an apple could be a zeppelin, where potatoes could be elephants... where anyone could be anything they wanted to be. Every sentence would be a mystery. People wouldn’t speak, they would ‘unravel’ to each other.
Some Flavors of Paper boat....



Jamun Kala Khatta

Imli Ka Amlana

Golgappe Ka Pani



Price: these drinks come in pouch of 250ml for 30 INR will be available at all departmental stores across India.

Serving suggestion: Shake and serve chilled.

For more detail you can visit the website:
Call us at: +91-124-4222034/33
Mail us at:

Thanks to Paperboat team for sending me such a flavorful and refreshing pouches.

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  1. Did you announced the winner of your event , which you had few months back or none of the entries were as per your expectation?


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