Feb 10, 2014

Aloo Pyaaz Paratha| Paratha Recipe

Potato onion Paratha is everyone’s favorite in my home, which becomes perfect breakfast with mango pickle and fresh yogurt and homemade white butter. It comes from Punjabi Cuisine which makes me hungry anytime. In this paratha, potatoes gives softness and onion gives crunchiness to parathas. 

Preparation Time: 20 Minutes
Cooking Time: 15 Minutes
Servings: 4
Category: Flatbread

For Dough
2 Cup Wheat Flour
Salt, pinchful
Water, for dough
Clarifying Butter, for shallow frying

For Filling
2 Medium Potatoes, boiled and mashed
1 Small Onion, finely chopped
2 Tbsp. Green Coriander, chopped
2 Green Chili, chopped
Ginger, grated
1 Tsp. Pomegranate Seeds, dried and crushed
Salt to Taste
1 Tsp. Coriander Powder
Red Chili Powder to taste
Chaat Masala to taste

Knead the semi soft dough with wheat flour, salt and water. Keep aside.
Combine mashed potatoes, onion, green chili, ginger, green coriander, pomegranate seeds and spices together and filling is ready to further use.
Divide the dough into equal portions and roll out each portion into round as chapatti.
Place the 2 tbsp. stuffing and close the edges. Flatten and roll out again in round form.
Heat the griddle on medium flame and place the paratha on tawa.
Cook the paratha on tawa from both sides by greasing desi ghee until to golden.
Serve hot with raita or curry.

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  1. thats an super soft and delicious paratha !!

  2. I had in in my hostel.. they usd to prepare frequently. Super tasty recipe..

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  6. I am fan of your recipe and I like it very much and it's too easy to make it .
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