Dec 20, 2013

Guessing Game.... Dove

When I was a child, sometimes I used my mom’s stuff and because of her fear... I did every notorious activity, when she went out. Whenever mom came back before time, she started yelling on me when she entered her room. I tried to drape her saree, use lipsticks, bindis, nail paints, jewellery, bangles and more stuff. During that time, we had no camera at home but those images are still clear in my mind. Now I know that she was smiling inside but always scolded me because of wasting and destroying her makeup and accessories.

I want to share one more moment of my teenage also. Manisha and I were good buddies. We shared every good and bad moment with each other. We took admission in girl’s college and attended the fresher party which was organised by our seniors. That day we did lots of masti with other freshers and acted as if we were seniors. Every one interacted with us as we were also seniors. But during the party when the actual seniors announced the intro section where everyone had to give a small introduction about themselves like schooling, background and why they joined this college the other juniors came to know that we were also freshers like them. We thought that they would be angry on us but they were very cool about it. No one felt bad and became our good friends for the next three years. I will never forget both these moments and they will stay in my mind throughout my life.

I did many more of these silly mistakes in my life which have become great and beautiful memories with friends.  Today I feel glad to have loads of wonderful and joyful memories in my life.

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  1. Very warm post! We all have had our share of fashion fun as kids! :)


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