Oct 11, 2013

Double Decker Parathas

Here is my second recipe “Double Decker Paratha” under theme of celebrity chef recipes. I adopt this recipe from Tarla Dalal’s food portal , she is very famous Indian cook book author. I love her recipes because of simplicity. Double decker paratha is a layered paratha which stuffed with two different types of filling. For this recipe, I choose one, spicy peas filling and second, potatoes and paneer filling. You can change the filling as per your choice and serve with curd/ lassi and pickle. 

Preparation Time: 25 Minutes
Cooking Time: 30 Minutes
Servings: 4 Parathas
Recipe Source: Tarla Dalal
Category: Indian bread

3 Cup Wheat flour, dough
Clarifying Butter/ Desi ghee, shallow frying

For Peas Stuffing
1 Cup Fresh Peas, boiled
1 Tsp. Green Chili, chopped
1 Tbsp. Green Coriander, chopped
1/2 Tsp. Roasted Cumin Powder
Salt to taste
Red chili to taste
1 Tsp. Coriander Powder
1/4 Tsp. Chaat Masala
1/2 Tsp. Lemon Juice

For Potato Stuffing
2 Potatoes, boiled and mashed
1/2 Cup Cottage Cheese, grated
1 Tsp. Green Chili, chopped
Salt to taste
Red Chili to taste
1/2 Tsp. Turmeric Powder
1 Tsp. Coriander Powder

Combine all ingredients of peas stuffing together in one bowl.
Combine all ingredients of potato stuffing together in separate bowl.
Prepare the firm dough with wheat flour and water.
Divide the dough into equal 12 portions and roll out the portion as paratha.
Cook 4 parathas lightly on tawa and keep aside.
Place the one uncooked roti on a dry surface and spread the peas stuffing.
Cover with cooked roti and spread the potato and paneer stuffing.
Again cover with another uncooked roti as sandwich form and close the edges tightly.
Heat the griddle or tawa on medium flame and place the paratha on tawa.
Cook and turn the paratha from the both side until to golden, grease with ghee.
Serve hot double decker paratha with curd.

You can change the stuffing as per choice or taste.

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  1. wow lovely innovation and they look super yummy :) delicious parathas there !!

  2. Lovely post sapana .Love the colors and clicks.

  3. Loved the double decker idea. Nice one

  4. This is so delicious and like the way you stuffed the parathas..

  5. Am in love with ur double decker paratha, delectable they are.

  6. Paratha looks so tempting and love the double decker idea of stuffing.Healthy and filling paratha...

  7. I think I have this recipe from Tarla Dalal bookmarked too :-)
    They have come out perfect. Lovely clicks.

  8. Got it now. Always wondered how they did those layers in restaurants. Cool trick. Will try this the next time. Thanks.

  9. This has been on my list for a while now...looking at your pictures makes me want to try right away!


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