Apr 6, 2013

Lauki Ki Barfi/ Bottle Gourd Fudge

Today I post something sweet for festive days or small Indian get together i.e. “Lauki ki barfi/ Bottle gourd fudge/ Dhudhi ki barfi”. It’s a really so tasty and healthy Indian mithai which easy to prepare and easy to store for some days. Under this recipe, you have to cook grated lauki with milk and khoya and garnish with cardamom, pistachios or silver warq whatever easily available.
Bottle gourd, opo squash or long melon is a vine grown for its fruit, which can either be harvested young and used as a vegetable, or harvested mature, dried, and used as a bottle, utensil, or pipe. For this reason, the calabash is widely known as the bottle gourd. It has a light green smooth skin and a white flesh. Rounder varieties are called calabash gourds. They come in a variety of shapes, they can be huge and rounded, or small and bottle shaped, or slim and more than a meter long.
In India, it is known as lauki, dudhi, or ghiya. In North India region, there are so many savory dishes which prepare by bottle gourd or lauki. In Maharashtra, the skin of the gourd is used in making a Chutney preparation. It’s very healthy in case of heart disease and high blood pressure. It’s consumed in majority of the Indian families because of availability in reasonable market price. Ayurveda also recommends the juice of this gourd in the treatment of acidity, indigestion and ulcers as it serves as an alkaline mixture.

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes
Cooking Time: 30 Minutes
Serving: 10 Pieces
1 Cup Bottle Gourd/ Lauki, Grated
2 Cup Milk
1/2 Cup Condense Milk/ Khoya
1/3 Cup Sugar
1 Tsp. Cardamom Powder
1/4 Tsp. Green Color
For Garnishing Pistachio, Chopped


Peel and grate the lauki. Boil the milk in pan on medium flame; add grated lauki in boiling milk. Stir continuously till milk reduces to half from the original quantity.
Now add grated khoya, cardamom powder and green color. Stir continuously. Add sugar as per your taste buds and mix well. When froth start leaving vessel’s corner.
Remove from the flame and pour into pre-greased tray or plate. Keep aside to cool for one hour and cut into square pieces and garnish with chopped pistachios. Now lauki barfi is ready to serve in festive season.
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  1. lovely burfis. me do a similar make, but shape it as small balls in cupcake liners

  2. Wow that's a nice colour to add..:)

  3. Super delicious and very innovative burfi.

  4. wow!!!!! nice recipe, Looking Yummy

  5. very tempting and inviting fudge.

  6. mouthwatering sweet..http://accessiblediary.blogspot.in/

  7. looking so very delicious and lovely color dear :)

  8. nice and colorful burfi,nice presentation...

  9. Looks so inviting!! Barfis have a lovely color! :)

  10. Lovely color on the burfis and they look delicious!

  11. This looks delicious and is a healthy sweet.
    My suggestion is to not to add the green colour always. Colour is not good for health.
    Add it only when made for special occasions.

    Raksha's Kitchen

  12. is this possible dear...i would have never imagined one such recipe

  13. Looks good Preeti...I make it every year for Diwali.

  14. wowhhh delicious and innovative...

  15. Wow , my mum used ti make it and here we call it Ghiya ki laudge.
    You have a nice blog with awesome clicks . I have just started following you and it would be highly n outraging if you may follow me back. http://cookingwithsapana.blogspot.com

  16. Heard of doodhi halwa, but not burfi. Sounds delicious and love that color.

  17. Halwa is familiar, burfi is not. but this looks nice and brilliant!

  18. This is like Lauki halwa :) What a lovely green color this one has.

  19. halwa looks so picture perfect.. would be perfect for occassions and parties!!
    Event - Celebrate - Summer
    Event - Bake Fest

  20. Very new for me. Lovely one.

  21. I prepare kheer and halwa with bottle gourd and so can guess how fantastic these burfis might have tasted.


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