Apr 14, 2013

Aloo Ke Tukk- Sindhi Special

Aloo ke tuk is really spicy and tasty recipe which made by fried potatoes to again deep fry and toss with spices. This spicy and crunchy taste, really amazing and hits your tastebuds, always try to serve hot and crispy. These hot and crispy aloo ke tuk can be serve as snack /appetizer or with main course as side dish. In sindi cuisine, they are serve aloo tuk with sindhi curries, rice and papad in Sindhi platter.

I really enjoy this aloo ke tuk as a snack… you can prepare this recipe with in few minutes… no need lots of ingredients. You can use baby potatoes too for this recipe, and then no need to chop.

Preparation time:  5 Minutes
Cooking time: 10 minutes
Serving: 3 Persons
3 Large Potatoes, Peeled
Red chili Powder, Taste
Salt to taste
Raw mango powder, Taste
Chaat Masala, Taste
1 Tbsp. Coriander Powder
Oil for Deep Frying

Peel and cut the potatoes in round form (½ Inch approx.). Deep fry them till to golden. Squeeze them between your palms with pressure and again fry for few minutes till to golden. Combine all spices and potatoes in large bowl. Toss well and adjust the spices as per your taste. Aloo ke tuk is ready to serve with meal.

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  1. Love aaloo took any time...it's a regular feature in our house and is served with Sindhi Kadhi CHawar

  2. awesome a regular dish in sindhi households. at times i just make them in cubes and after frying press them

  3. Well, I am aloo-aholic :) wud luv to have it...

  4. looks so yummy! a must try snack

  5. i had seen it on vaishali's space yesteryda, did not get time to check her recipe, but glad u made it, am definitely planning to make it soon

  6. Droolworthy alooo ke tukk, who can resist to these beauties.

  7. I could eat a plateful of these they are so moreish.

  8. looks very delicious... interesting is that you double fry them.. can i do it in one shot instead of double frying them..
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  9. Not sure if my comment came through. Aloo ke took looks so tempting! I am planning on making this too.

  10. wow super easy recipe to try.....nice tempting ingredients....

  11. sounds new to me,looks super tempting...

  12. Just saw this in Vaishali's space! Love it a lot...

  13. Making this soon. This is beautiful.

  14. Such an amazing aloo dish. My husband will live this. Will try soon.

  15. My husband will undeniably become addicted to this (all the more a reason not to cook?? ;) )

  16. Potatoes are always welcome that too deep fried once..

  17. This looks very tempting and looks so simple to make too. will try this out

  18. I think fried potatoes are evryone's favorite. Just yummy.


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