Mar 5, 2013

Apple Peanut Butter Sandwich

This time I try very funky experiment with apple and some garnishing items which are kid loves lot. For this I choose fresh red color apple and garnish with peanut butter, chocolate, tutti frutti and prepare in form of  sandwich, that’s call Apple Peanut Butter Sandwich. For this recipe, you can choose anything for garnishing like jam, nutella, mixed nuts or any dip which you like. I got this idea from "The New Modern Momma" blog. It’s really lovely but it’s look more colorful when we used tutti frutti, sugar coated fennel, and more colorful garnishing. But for healthier version you can use granola, musseli, cornflakes and mixed nuts with peanut butter.

Preparation time: 10 Minutes
Cooking time: 0 Minutes
Servings: 3 Sandwiches
2 Red Apple
Peanut Butter
Chocolate syrup
Tutti frutti
Sugar Coated Fennel
Chocolate Chips
Desiccated Coconut Powder

Cut the apple into 1/2 inch thick and round form slices and remove the seed part. Spread peanut butter smoothly and sprinkle sugar coated fennel and Choco chips. Cover with other apple slice. Garnish with chocolate syrup, tutti frutti, Choco chips and coconut powder. Now Apple peanut butter Sandwiches is ready.

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  1. Wow....this too looks nice & delicious pa....

  2. Looks very interesting! Kids wud simply love this!

  3. Thats gonna be really SWEEEEEEEEEWttttttttt

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  5. wow...interesting recipe indeed!! Looks yummy too :)

  6. This is so creative.....something that kids would love.

  7. That is innovation!!! Wow is the word!!!
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  8. wow! this is super cool. will definitley try. but, one doubt. wont the apples turn brown after some time. ? happy to follow your blog. do visit my space too when you get the time.

    Sona - Quick Picks

  9. Unique sandwich,extremely inviting.

  10. That's surely a good dessert to munch on!

  11. Sweet sweet sandwich kids will love it.

  12. Love this idea of apple rings sandwich. Can be made according to kids' preferred toppings.

  13. Very innovative sandwich. I would never have thought to use apples in a sandwich.

  14. The apple peanut butter combination is very tasty!

  15. nice Recipe ! kids will love it...

  16. Looks yum!!! i would love some nutella instead of PB!!! :)

  17. Very innovative way of getting the kids to create their own apple sandwich and thereby making them eat fruits :)

  18. Such a fun desert! Kids would love to make their own sandwich :)

  19. A nice innovative sandwich. I am sure kids would love this...

  20. what an innovative idea!!!Totally loving it

  21. This is so cretive. A nice idea to attract kids to eat the fruits.

  22. Looks so delicious and cute!! Wonderful snaps!!


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