Mar 31, 2013

Foodabulous Fest- Celebrate April Month & Giveaway

Hi foodies
After the success and getting so many entries in my last all three series… so I start host line-up for Foodabulous Fest event, I’m very thankful to Pramitha from “Pramitha Love Cooking”, who will be take the initiative to host my event Foodabulous Fest- April series. The rules and regulations are the same and for more detail check her blog.

List of April Month's Festivals:

Sheetla Ashtami- 3 April
Tamil new year- 14 April
Papmochani Ekadashi- 6 April
Bohag Bihu-  15 April
Navratri -11 April
Ram Navami- 19 April
Ugadi- 11 April
Earth Day- 22 April
Baisakhi- 13 April
Shukrodaya Ekadashi- 22 April
Gangaur Pooja-13 April

The giveaway is surprise cookbook from Chef Sanjeev Kapoor sponsored by Simply Tadka for who have Indian shipping address.

Giveaway is only followers of Simply Tadka and Facebook fans, both entries are compulsory.  Winner will be chosen by Simply Tadka at the end of event.

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Announcing Cooking With Seeds "Almonds" Event

Hi Friends…

Currently two events are already going on my blog, so here one more is “Cooking with Seeds” event announced by Priya from Priya’s Versatile Recipes. Here I get first chance to host this lovely event on my blog. So for this event I choose almonds or badam as a main ingredient in recipes. You can post any course of meal but sure it will be main ingredient as almond milk, almond based gravy, badam halwa and more. Almond nuts are rich in dietary fibre, vitamins, and minerals and packed with numerous health promoting phyto-chemicals; the kind of well-balanced food ensuring protection against diseases and cancers. So now I’m waiting for lovely recipes from all you... keep cooking and sharing with us.

The event rules are as follows-
  • The event runs for the period of April Month.
  • This month's seed is Almonds. It can vary from starter, main dish, side dish, soup, dessert or any other recipes, sweet or savory anything.
  • Bloggers and Non bloggers can participate. Bloggers can link their recipes using the linky tool. Bloggers who find it difficult or find some problem to link can also send & Non-bloggers can send in their recipes to my email “” with the following details-
Your Name-
Blogger Name-
Recipe Name-
Recipe Details-
Pic of the Dish-
  • Recipe must be linked to Cooking with seeds event hosted by Simply Tadka and announced by Priya.
  • You can link Veg & Vegan recipes both.
  • Follow simply tadka via GFC and on Facebook. 
  • Send in any number of entries. You can link in archived posts.
  • Usage of logo is appreciated for all entries as it would help spread the word.
Enjoy every meal with lots of love….

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Mar 27, 2013

Happy Holi

Hello Foodies

Bright colors, water balloons, lavish gujias and melodious songs are the ingredients of perfect Holi. Wish you a very happy and wonderful Holi. 

Holi Recipes:

Wish you very very Happy Holi… to you and your family.
Simply Tadka

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Mar 25, 2013

Sugar Free Navaratan Laddoo- Holi Special By Anu

Whenever I think of festival Holi, it’s a splash of colors in my mind. We Indians are mostly known for our unity in diversity. Here different people from different culture living in harmony. So Holi is a celebration with different people, colors and flavors. I can’t think of any other dish than this yummy laddo for Holi. Combo of colorful and healthy nine ingredients in a one small ball of love, what more you need. After all Holi time is laddo time....and eat as much you need, its sugar free too. 
This wonderful recipe was shared by Anu majida from Kerala, India. 

Mar 23, 2013

Mawa Gujia

Gujia is very famous traditional and authentic Indian mithai or sweet which prepared during Holi and Diwali. I have learnt this recipe from my aunty. On the very auspicious day i.e. Holi, a colourful festival for everyone… for this fest, I prepare very tempting and delicious Indian sweet; “Mawa Gujia”. Before two three days, One of mine food lover asked about gujia’s recipe, so that this recipe is for Anjali arora. Hope this will be helpful for her.

As I prefer little light sweet in dessert or Indian sweet, so adjust sugar consistency as per your tastebuds. You can prepare sugar syrup coated gujia also. In a market there is different flavors of gujias are available but mawa gujia is authentic recipe for Holi.  For this recipe, you have to prepare stuffing with mawa, roasted semolina, dry fruits, coconuts and sugar which filled in crust and deep fried in oil.

Mar 21, 2013

Wow.... Dove So amazing!!

When I heard about Dove Contest on Indiblogger “Beautiful Ends to your Beautiful Braids”… I was excited and did not want to waste an opportunity to grab Dove Shampoo and Conditioner Hamper. I’m big lover of Dove product as I already used Dove shampoo hair fall therapy and conditioner, dove face wash, dove deodorant, dove soap and more.

In my childhood, my mother used to take give me head message by applying coconut oil and wash with shampoo twice a week. Those days the conditioners were not available in market and we were using Heena as conditioner. That's why my hairs were so shiny, thick and long in my childhood.

Mar 20, 2013

Watermelon Aqua Fresca and Cuponation

A very popular drink served throughout the Mexico which is prepared with different fruits for different flavors. As per season, here watermelon is available and it’s mine favourite too. I prefer to prepare Watermelon Aqua Fresca; it’s very appropriate drink for upcoming summer heat. You can choose strawberry, blueberry, mango and kiwi, orange and juicier fruits.

Mar 16, 2013

Announcing Kid’s Delight- Street Food

Cooking for kids is really challenging task for every homemaker because they did not predict taste and preferences of kids easily. We all know preparing food for adults is very easy but kids are very choosy for food and also ingredients. Kids love street or junk food like golgappe, chaat, bhelpuri, pav bhaji, chole bahture, ice-cream any kinds of  course  spicy, sweet, tangy with lots of flavors and colors attracts them easily. Moms are always preferred to prepare homemade food for kids from the hygiene point of view which become more healthy and tasty compare to regular road side.

Kid’s delight, is really wonderful event which runs by Srivalli, a great food blog personality. So this is my first chance when I announced this lovely event on my blog “Simply Tadka” through get the chance to explore different street food flavors especially for kids.
For kid’s delight, theme is “Street Food”. I’m big foodie for street or road side food especially flavored golgappas, aloo tikki, noodles and Ice-cream bar and more. There is no strict rules, very simple event with simple theme, just check 3-4  rules and link your wonderful roadside or street food with this event.

Rules for the events:
  • Event started from 16 March to 15 April 2013.
  • Only Vegetarian recipes are allowed and multiple entries are accepted.
  • Recipes submitted to other events are also permitted.
  • Only fresh entries are allowed, archives can be accepted only if updated as current posts.
  • Link back to Kid’s Delight Event Hosted by Simply Tadka and announcement by Srivalli.

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Mar 15, 2013

Announcement of South Indian Cooking Event

Hello Foodies

Here I’m again with lovely event “South Indian Cooking” event run by Anu’s Healthy Kitchen and get the chance to host for March 15th to May 15th, 2013. This event is to explore the South Indian Cuisines around the India. Please mention something about regional cuisine in recipe introduction section which helps to reader to know more about South Indian cuisine.

Rules for the event:
  • Event starts from 15 March, 2013 to 15 May, 2013.
  • Only vegetarian recipes are allowed.
  • Only two archives are allowed. Multiple entries are accepted.
  • Use of logo and announcement link both are mandatory in post. South Indian Cooking Event hosted by Simply Tadka and Announced by Anu's Healthy Kitchen.
  • Non-blogger can participate with recipe name, recipe details, pictures and personal intro and send it on with subject of “South Indian Cooking Event @ Simply Tadka”.

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Mar 11, 2013

Oats Spinach and Paneer Cakes

Last Jan Month, I got canola oil 1 litre pack as a gift from Hadson. With this pack, I found a recipe booklet written by chef Komal Taneja. For the theme of Cooking from Cookbook, I choose “Oats Spinach and Paneer Cakes” from this booklet. It’s really amazing and healthy snack for everyone. We have to need spinach, paneer, oats and potatoes for making kebab and serve with mint chutney. This recipe is great option for monsoon and winter days.

Shaam Savera- Sanjeev Kapoor Special

Again I choose cooking from cook book theme, for this I prefer cottage cheese as an ingredient. My first recipe under this theme is very popular and signature recipe of Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor i.e. “SHAAM SAVERA”. For this recipe we have to prepare stuffed spinach kofta with paneer and buttery tomatoes gravy.

As I can’t compare myself with great master chef sanjeev kapoor, he is really genius….. just try this lovely recipe and It’s taste really awesome and buttery and great combo with butter naan. For original recipe go with

Mar 7, 2013

Foodabulous Fest- Feb Series "Winner Announcement”

Here is the roundup and winner announcement of 2nd series of “Foodabulous Fest- Feb Month” in 2013. Under this series, total 28 bloggers were participated and Simply Tadka received total 89 recipes, all are very delicious and tempting. Thanks to all bloggers for making event successful.

Now come to Surprise giveaway, as everyone knows the selection criterion is on the basis of number of likes on recipes picture on Facebook and who got highest likes will be winner.

For giving fair chances of winning giveaway, Every time I try to choose different criteria for choosing winner.
Without taking more time, I will announce name of Lucky winner is Chocolate Almond Cake with Double Icing gets 620 votes.
Prepared by Sajina Bishar from Saju Tastes

Congratulations Sajina for a surprise giveaway, please mail me your Indian shipping address on my id within two days, otherwise I will choose another winner.

Second highest runner up is Eggless Vanilla Cake from Pramitha who gets 568 Votes till to midnight 12’o clock. Congrats both of you.

Thanks to all lovely co-bloggers who devoted precious time and recipes in my event.
Another monthly event is going on Foodabulous Fest- March Masti series with surprise giveaway.

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Mar 5, 2013

Apple Peanut Butter Sandwich

This time I try very funky experiment with apple and some garnishing items which are kid loves lot. For this I choose fresh red color apple and garnish with peanut butter, chocolate, tutti frutti and prepare in form of  sandwich, that’s call Apple Peanut Butter Sandwich. For this recipe, you can choose anything for garnishing like jam, nutella, mixed nuts or any dip which you like. I got this idea from "The New Modern Momma" blog. It’s really lovely but it’s look more colorful when we used tutti frutti, sugar coated fennel, and more colorful garnishing. But for healthier version you can use granola, musseli, cornflakes and mixed nuts with peanut butter.

Mar 4, 2013

Grill Idli Sandwich

This time I prepare “Grill Idli Sandwich” under the theme of “Sandwiches without bread” for Blogging Marathon 26. For this recipe, first we have to prepare idli and club with stir fry veggies and sauces as a sandwich. It’s really awesome way to present idli into burger or sandwich style as a funky food for fussy kids. 

Mar 3, 2013

Review for Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo and Conditioner

As a member of Indiblogger, I was participated in Sunsilk perfect straight hair contest, in which I got 90 ml pack of Sunsilk shampoo and conditioner. First of all thanks to Sunsilk and Indiblogger both for giving me this opportunity to use new product of Sunsilk and share my experience with all of you. I used Sunsilk other products like pink and yellow color shampoo for smooth hair which gives me awesome result but this one, Sunsilk perfect straight is more powerful. It’s really managed my fluffiness and gets silky texture in my hair which suits me a lot.

As I’m not a professional in product reviews and just trying to share my personal opinion for Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo and Conditioner for my readers, it’s really great technology to solve your frizzy hair problems and created by well-known Japan Hair Expert Yuko Yamashita.

Benefits of Sunsilk Perfect Straight Solution:
Well-known and trust worthy brand
Perfect straight Hair look
Solve the problems of tangles and frizz hairs
Smooth hair texture
Awesome fragrance and creamy texture of shampoo
Complete Hair problem solution (Shampoo with conditioner)
Applicable for every types of hair
Introduce by top hair experts
Better quality in good quantity
Beautiful packaging

Advanced straight lock technology formula: Penetrates deep within the hair fibre, reducing frizz and straightening strands, keeping them fully aligned as they dry. For stunning results use daily with perfect straight conditioner.

How to Apply:
Wash with shampoo thrice or more times in a week properly after shampoo, every time apply conditioner for better result which enhance the softness of hair.

According to quality and quantity of product, value is good. You can get 90 ml pack of conditioner in 56 Rs and 80 ml pack of shampoo also in 56 Rs which is appropriate for more than one month.

Packaging and Branding
Sunsilk is well known brand in overall world. I love this product since my childhood, awesome result, every time come with attractive packaging and lovely color. This purple color is very cute and bubbly type. When they start tieup with great hair experts, will increase the customer confidence too towards Sunsilk.

Yuko Yamashita Says, “There is a magic moment between wet & dry hair when your hair looks perfectly straight and beautifully aligned. But as it dries, it starts to puff up and lose shape. Sunsilk expert Yuko Yamashita has co-created Sunsilk Perfect Straight, the ideal shampoo for straight hair every day. Its breakthrough Straight-Lock technology to actively control and hold every strand perfectly aligned as it dries. It penetrates deep within the hair fibre, reducing frizz and straightening strands, keeping them fully aligned as they dry*. Experience unbeatably straight hair that is shiny, smooth and gorgeous, right from the shower”
Straight baal lock karo, rock karo!

I love this tag line.. Straight baal lock karo, rock karo…
Really it’s wonderful in overcome the problem of tangle hairs… perfect solution for every girl who loves straight silky hair texture. 
It’s not a sponsor post, all info and reviews are on personal basis.

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Mar 1, 2013

Foodabulous Fest- Celebrate March Masti & Giveaway

I’m really happy to announce my next and third series of this event “Foodabulous Fest –March Month Series” after January & February months with big numbers of cuisines. "Foodabulous Fest" is origin from (food +fabulous + festivals) where we can prepare fabulous food which prepared for specific festivals and special days to celebrate. It’s a monthly series which celebrate every month with monthly festivals and special days… with surprise giveaway. As a part of festive event… there will be a surprise giveaway sponsored by Simply TadkaThe giveaway is only for followers of Preeti’s blog and Facebook Fans.

This time you have just prepare traditional and authentic food for colourful festival HOLI; it can be any kind of meal but only traditional and Indian only vegetarian for the month of March. This Month is full of love, masti and color about holi so be ready with colourful traditional recipes for your family and friends.

Here is the list of Month of March’s Festivals:

Vijaya Ekadashi- 8 Mar
Amalaki Ekadashi- 23 Mar
World Women’s Day- 8 Mar
Arattupuzha Pooram- 25 Mar
Mahashivratri- 10 Mar
Holi- 26-27 Mar
Phulera Dooj- 13 Mar
Easter- 31 Mar
Meena Sankranti- 14 Mar

How get giveaway?
This time winner will be chosen randomly.
Some mandatory point for Giveaway eligibilities:
  1. Like Facebook page, share and tag with friends
  2. Follow Simply Tadka Blog via GFC & Leave comment.
  3. Display on Blog Sidebar
Rules for the event:
·  The event runs through the month of March (1st Mar – 31th Mar).
·   Only vegetarian recipes are allowed (No eggs )
·   Use linky tools to enter your recipes at the end of post or mail me on
·   You have to follow Simply TADKA via GFC and Facebook.
·    No archives please, only fresh entries can add during the month of March.
·    Usage of logo is optional but it's recommended that you use it as it helps spread the word.
·    The post must to be linked with Foodabulous Fest Event organised by Simply TADKA, it’s compulsory. 
·    In case you have a problem using linky tool you can send the details to in the following format using subject line of Foodabulous Fest- Celebrate “March Masti”. You’re Name, Email- id, Blog Name, Blog URL, Recipe Name, Recipe URL, Picture (300px). 
·    For the Non-Blogger: You can share your recipe through this format… Share Delicacies. In case you have a problem using this tab, you can send the recipe with details and pictures to in the following format using subject line of Foodabulous Fest- Celebrate “March Masti”. I will upload your recipe with your name as author on my food blog.
·    The giveaway is only for who have Indian shipping detail.
·    The giveaway is open for Followers of Simply Tadka.
·     I will post the round up within ten days after the event gets over.

Looking forward for the lots of delicious and traditional cuisines for Month of March’s celebrations, Join me in my Blog. Get ready for the Festive Treat.

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