Feb 17, 2013

Homemade Chili Oil

How to prepare and preserve chili oil at home with two ingredients?

Chili oil is simply oil that has been infused with the flavour of chili peppers. For preparing this oil just chopped this chili and put in hot oil till to cool. You can use olive oil to instead of canola oil. Chili oil can add extra heat to many dishes. You can use it in the cooking process to add a spicy kick early on, or drizzle it over a finished food such Chinese or Punjabi food for tempering if the meal is not hot enough to suit your taste. You can store chili oil for several months in the refrigerator. 

Preparation Time: 0 minutes
Cooking Time: 10 minutes
Serving: 1/2 Cup
5-6 Small Dry Whole Red Chilies
1/2 Cup Hadson Canola Oil


Get this 1 liter canola oil from Hadson. Thanks for sharing this wonderful oil with me.
On Gas
Chop the red chilies roughly and put all flakes and chili in the glass jar.
Now heat oil in the pan for 5 minutes till to smoke arise on medium flame. Take care not to burn much oil. Now cool for 3-5 minutes and pour this oil in jar and keep aside to cool.
Strain the oil and keep this oil in airtight glass jar for further use.
On Microwave
Microwave the oil for 5 minutes and now put chili and flakes into oil and microwave more for 1 minutes and keep aside to cool. Strain the oil from flakes and keep in airtight jar.

How to Store
You can store this jar into refrigerator up to two to three months but don’t use if you see any kind of spoilage or smell. Keep this airtight glass jar and seal tight.

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  1. interesting and informative post and thanks for sharing dear.

  2. Very useful tip for preparing the chilli oil.app t follow u.

  3. i am sure it gives added spicy flavour when used on some oven toasted veggies or chicken

  4. Very flavourful and hot spicy oil..Lovely.

  5. This surely will add flavor to Indo-chinese dishes!

  6. I keep this oil handy and gives a nice flavor to chinese dishes.

  7. That's an interesting one Preeti...good one..

  8. I have tried garlic infused oil before. Will try this too sometime. Good one!

  9. Easy to make oil. Looks interesting!!

  10. Never made chilli oil at home before.. Will definitely try ur version.


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