Dec 30, 2012

The Straight Hair Experiment- Tangles Became Glossy & Straight

Everyone knows hair looks are essential part of life style….. For great personality, you have to great hair texture and style. Now a day’s straight hair style is in demand

Some Good ideas already followed by me:
  • Go for hair salon and do temporary or permanent straightening/ rebonding treatment with branded and good quality products.
  • Use a straightening machine for the perfect straight hair.
  • Do partition and combo it. Keep your hair on the towel and now do iron carefully. Take care about temperature of iron too... Not too hot.
  • Heat coconut oil or olive oil and after it becomes lukewarm, apply them exactly on the scalps. Massage the scalp with the heat oil now cover the head by using a towel (Rinse a towel in hot water, wipe) and leave it. Repeat this towel process 2-3 times.  Now wash your hair with shampoo, check the difference after washing your hair. This way you can get a straight hair.
  • Apply egg twice a month for 15-20 minutes and wash with cold water. Now your hair will be soft, silky and straight.
  • Homemade conditioner:

  1. Wash hair with lemon juice, for this take 1 mug lukewarm water and add 1 whole lemon juice (clean) and mix well. Now pour complete mug of water on hair after shampoo wash. It’s good for hair as straight part and also for great fragrance.
  2. Soaked Indian gooseberry (amla) and acacia (shikhakai) in the water overnight and drain it. Wash hair with this water, for great result of straight and shiny hair.

Some craziest and wildest ideas for straight hair at your own risk:
  • Use Road Roller: If you know any construction location or constructed road area then you will find road roller on free of cost. Lie down on ground with forward hair. Run the road roller at own risk but you can get straight hair.
  • Use No. of Encyclopedias: There are many books in the house especially subjective or encyclopedia, lie down and put heavy weighted encyclopedias on hair. It’s a good and cheap way to get the straight hair.
  • Use Spray or Gel: Use spray or gel and comb it… now hairs are ready for perfect straight look.
  • Visit at Stormy Place: Go for stormy place, at the time of strong air going on…. Your hairs become straight.
  • Use Marbles: Tie the marbles at the end of hairs edges tightly for whole a day and you will get straight hairs.
  • Use CartoonBox: Use full of cartoon box with heavy material or bundle or old newspapers on hairs and sleep well. When wake up, you will get straight hairs.
  • Use Rolling Pin/ Roti Maker Machine: Lie down your hair on ground for rolling pin or keep your hairs on roti maker machine, when hot enough. You will get effective result for straight hair.
  • Use Bed Mattresses: Keep your hair under the bed mattresses and watch Salman khan’s movie. When movie will over, you will get straight hair.
  • Use Clothe Clips or Hanger Clips: Wash your hair and hang with clips under the sunlight. You will get straight hair soon.

Instant Straight Hair Style 
  • Make Comb and wet your hands. Now put your wet hands into any electrical on plug, you get electric shock but as result your hair will get straight.
  • Enjoy roller coaster ride for getting perfect straight hair.
  • Watch English horror movie for getting perfect straight hair.

  • Jump from the high mountain or from the airplane; you will get instant straight hair texture.
  • Soak the hair in revive water for 10 minutes and keep under the sun for dry…. You will get straight hair.
  • Go to Jungle (Adiwasi ilaqa).... when kabila's people will hit.. you will shocked and instantly your hair will get standout straight.

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In the last, a main and perfect solution for perfect straight hair in easy way i.e. Sunsilk Products



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