Dec 28, 2012

Easy Ways to Preserve Fresh Herbs with Olive Oil

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Title: Easy Ways to Preserve Fresh Herbs with Olive Oil

Amazing idea! Why not the herbs and fresh leaves be preserved?

Yes, they can be conserved for the winter. As in summer many new leaves and fresh thymes are gathered, they can be well kept for the winter’s soup without missing your favorite ingredients. Garden-fresh herbs are not available everywhere, the neatness and freshness cannot be obtained. So the best way to freeze the herbs is in oil. Rather than using different oils store those in olive grease which can safeguard the herbs from browning and other freezer burns.

As the dishes contain oils to cook the onions and potatoes, conserve the herbs in oil which may be used directly and they can act as a base for your dish. The preservation works with the best of basil leaves, herbs, broccoli and oregano. The soft herbs such as the thymes, mint and lemon verbena are usually added raw to the whole dish. So freeze the herbs which can be used for basil pesto. The main reason of icing them in oil is the aromas of the leaves are well infused so, this acts like a bonus for the recipe. 

Never make the herbs delicate by freezing them. Follow few methods which can be well-kept.
  • Select the leaves which are cultivated in the summer but not in winter, can be used for winter dishes. So choose firm and fresh leaves, herbs from your garden.
  • Collect them all separately and chop them fine if needed. At times the larger sprigs and leaves are also well preserved. So the frozen thymes are very much useful.
  • Herbs such as stalk, oregano, rosemary, sage, broccoli, and fennel can be gathered, finely chopped and can be placed in an ice cube tray. The wells are almost filled with thymes and later pour some olive oil or the unsalted butter over the herbs.
  • The tray can be covered with a plastic wrap which can safeguard and freeze it overnight. These can be preserved in different moulds or jars also.
  • Later the frozen cubes are removed from the ice trays and stored in a container. These can be placed in small bags also and can be used for winter roast chickens.
  • Make sure you label the bags with their names containing the herbs. People use different oils also, so with the oils can serve you better.
  • This can allow the aroma of the leaves packed inside and spread in the recipe. In this way the leaves don’t lose their potency. 
This is a brilliant idea which is loved by many. This is a perfect, healthy and safe way to conserve the stems. It acts as a tip for every kitchen lover and cook lover. Cash loan UK can be taken as a help for buying the ingredients ideally from the market. Instead opt for this outstanding idea which can save your money.

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