Oct 17, 2012

Ice-cream Cookie Sandwich

The first day of Blogging Marathon 21 for this 3rd week as per theme of “Sandwich and Wraps”… I tried to choose little differ combo of sandwiches and wraps, hope my friends like it and will try in own kitchen. For the very first day I choose “Ice-cream Cookie Sandwich”, generally we eat cookie sandwich with ice-cream in market or Ice-cream parlour. But this time I was tried at home…. Under this recipe, we add ice-cream with cookies and serve with chocolate sauce. You can choose any flavor of Ice-cream whatever you prefer.

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes
Cooking Time: 0 Minutes
Serving: 2 Sandwich
4 Choco Chips Cookies
2 Scoop Vanilla Ice-cream (choose your fav. one)
Flavoured Coated Fennel (saunf) (optional)
Tutti Frutti
Chocolate Syrup

Spread the small scoop of ice-cream between cookies and sprinkle saunf around the cookie sandwich. Now place the sandwich in freezer for 15 minutes to set.
Now place the sandwich in plate. Garnish with chocolate syrup, tutti-frutti and saunf on the top of cookies.
Note: Serve chilled and garnish just at the time of serving. You can choose Choco chips and fruit chunks also.

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  1. Definitely an irresistible dessert, damn attractive.

  2. wow , kids would gobble this one up, lovely

  3. wow!! it looks so yummy!! A profeesionally done ice-cream cookie!!


  4. Looks really yummy... Thanks for sending in for my event.

    Ongoing Event + Giveaway: Mission Street Food

  5. Looks pretty colorful and didn't expect this under this theme.

  6. Wow..what an idea?!Wonderful pic..

  7. Awesome kiddy treat.Lovely idea Preeti

  8. Awesome and delicious. Kids would love it

  9. Great idea! Feel like having one now :)

  10. greta idea for a sandwich.. i am sure kids would gobble it..:)

  11. thanks for linking it but am afraid i can't include this coz this time its all about 'healthy makeover'.. i am sure kids would love it and ideal as an indulgence.. thanks for the other entries :))

  12. Amazing Idea. Looks delicious. I am definitely going to try this at home. Thank you for sharing such creamy recipe's.

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