Sep 26, 2012

Tomato Pachadi

This time I chose Tomato Pachadi from My Kitchen Trials hosted by Raajani, under this recipe, we cooked tomatoes with sugar and nuts. Mostly pachadi are savoury in taste as my knowledge but this time we made completely sweet in taste. It’s just like jam or spread. You can spread this pachadi on bread and prantha. I serve this pickle with Chop Chop Chapati.
Pachadi refers to a traditional South Indian side-dish. Broadly translated, it refers to food which has been pounded. The definition of the word 'Pachadi' is different among different South Indian regions. While in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, pachadi is a side-dish curry similar to the north Indian Raita, in Andhra Pradesh, pachadi is a fresh pickle and has very low shelf life, a maximum of two or three days. It is made of fresh vegetables and is served as an accompaniment for rice, snacks like idli, dosa, and pesarattu. Many kinds of vegetables are included. In the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, pachadi is eaten fresh and typically made of finely chopped and boiled vegetables with coconut, green or red chillies and tempered in oil with mustard seeds, ginger and curry leaves. Pachadi is commonly eaten with rice and a lentil curry.

Recipe Source: My Kitchen Trials
Preparation Time: 5 Minutes
Cooking Time:  15 Minutes
Serving: Half Cup

2 Large sized Tomatoes, Chopped
1/6 Cup Sugar
1/6 Cup Water
2-3 Dates, Chopped, Seedless
1 Tsp. Raisins and Cashews, Chopped
1/2 Tbsp. Clarifying Butter/ Desi Ghee

Add the water, tomatoes and sugar together in one thick bottom pan and cook till to soft and look like jam or spread on low flame and its takes nearby 15 minutes in cook. Heat the ghee in another pan and sauté cashew, raisin and dates for few minutes. Add this sauté date and nuts into the tomatoes mixture. Serve this tomato pachadi with chapati and rice.

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  1. yum yum yummmmmmy and delicious tomato pachadi

  2. Fantastic and super delicious pachadi,i wont mind having with anything.

  3. Hey, I like reading your recipes and have passed along the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ to you. Congratulations!
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  4. This is more like a jam and pairs well with a lot of dishes. Thanks for going through the recipes in my space :)

  5. Different pachadi recipe. Looks interesting though.

  6. I just love the taste of Tomatoes, it looks very deleious.

  7. Looks yum. I love the addition of nuts.

  8. pachadi with tomatoes is a novelty. luved it. happy to follow u

  9. pachadi is totally new to me...sounds interesting to try


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