Aug 9, 2012

Cold Coffee with Ice-Cream/ Coffee Shake

Today I post something chilled and sweet recipe i.e. “Cold Coffee with Ice-Cream”. It’s very simple and easy to make with fewer ingredients at home. Under this recipe, I blend the ingredients together in jar and serve with extra scoop of Ice-cream. For this recipe, I choose Vanilla and Coffee flavours but you can serve this cold coffee with the choice of either vanilla ice-cream or chocolate ice-cream. You can also serve with grated chocolate or Choco syrup on top of the coffee.

200ML Cold Milk
Powdered Sugar
Nescafe Coffee
Big Scoops of Vanilla and Coffee Flavoured Ice-cream
Few Ice Cubes
For Garnishing
Drinking Chocolate
Choco Balls
Blend all ingredients together in one Jar, when forth is appeared on the top of coffee then serve this chilled Cold Coffee with extra scoops of Ice-cream. Garnish with drinking chocolate and Choco balls.
Note: you can add Choco syrup for more chocolaty flavour and can choose Choco Ice-cream also at the time of blending, all up to taste.
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  1. Hi Priti ,

    cold coffee looks Fantabulous !!!!

    Lip smackind coffee Dear:)

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