Apr 8, 2012


Gulab-E-Sharbat or Gulab sharbat or rose drink, there are so many names of this drink. We all know rose is very beautiful flower…its bright red color attracts everyone easily. It can be used in various forms for fragrance, in recipes, for decor and so more purpose. When I prepared this syrup at home, its fragrance and taste…No words here…..
In gulab-e-sharbat, we made sugar syrup and add rose petals for few hours…..for her fragrance and color…..it’s a very simple and easy to make…cooling and refreshing drink without any chemical and preservative added……..Hope you all enjoying this drink at home which really good for health also best for coming summar season.
From the nutrition point of views, rose petals are the good source of vitamin c and good for beauty purposes.

For rose syrup
1 cup Fresh red rose petals
3 cup sugar
1 1/4 cup water
1 tsp. green cardamom powder or 5-6 elachi seeds

How to prepare homemade rose syrup:-
In a pan, add sugar and water after few minutes add cardamom powder…start boiling for 10 minutes. Clear the syrup by removing the scum, if any exist. Now remove the syrup pan from the fire. Then strain the sugar syrup into bowl. Now add fresh and clean rose petals. Keep this syrup aside for 5-6 hours. Then fill the rose syrup in clean and dry bottle. You can add preservative also for long duration but seriously I don’t like this chemical that’s why we prepared fresh stuff at home. Without preservative, you can use this syrup for 4-5 days easily.
How to prepare Gulab-E-Sharbat:-
In a glass, take nearby 1:4 ratios of syrup and chilled water. Mix it add more chilled drink add icecubes and for look more beautiful add 2-3 fresh rose petals… now enjoy refreshing and chilled Gulab-e-sharbat.




  1. this looks so fresh and yummy..love the rose smell in this

  2. wow...super flavorful and refreshing sarbhat

  3. Wow! That looks so refreshing! I can almost quench my thirst just by looking at your clicks :)

  4. Wat a super refreshing drink..simply inviting..

  5. wow this is so wonderful . lovely recipe

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  7. lovely and perfect for summer... some awards are waiting for you ....please collect them


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