Jan 31, 2012

Orange Twister

Mocktails are mock cocktails, or those that do not contain any alcohol. Any drink recipe can be modified by simply leaving the alcohol out, however these recipes are some of the more common mocktails. These non-alcoholic drinks are great for serving the entire family and a nice alternative for party guests who prefer not to drink alcohol. Under mocktail, we merge 2-3 flavour together and serve in one glass. One of mocktail, I was prepared on occasion of my blog 1st Month Anniversary.

1 glass orange juice
1 glass soda or 7up cold drink
2 tsp. lemon juice
½ tsp. black salt
A pinch of chaat masala
Ice cubes

In a shaker add all ingredients except ice cube and soda and mix well. Now add ice cubes and soda and again shake it. Serve in mocktail or martini glass. For garnish add or use lemon wedges.

Tips: Never fill full glass, just fill 1/2 half glass with drink.

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