Jan 29, 2012



Today marks 1 month since I have started “Preeti’s kitchen life! YAY! How exciting! I have really enjoyed every minute of it!

In Dec. 27, 2011 when I created this blog, I didn’t know much about blogging. Because of this I wasn’t sure how much I would be able to sustain in the blogging. Still I decide to go for it because there was no loss in indulging in this experience even if it fails. So I create my account on blogspot.com.

After creating a blog, it took me two days to understand different features and widget in blog. But I was clear with my blog topic that is all about cooking because my family and friends always like whatever I cook, they are encourage me a lot for start posting my recipe in BlogSpot. My first post “why I create this” was publishes on 28 Dec.2011, that is exactly one month ago. After that my first recipe (officially) was published in “Preeti’s kitchen life” on 29 Dec. 2011 as “APPLE KHEER”. I was chosen this recipe because we all know “Hara kam ki shuruwat meethe se ki jati hai”. Since this was my first post I was over excited about it. Now after a one month, I was post more than 40+ recipes in blog and more than 20+ friends in my blog which is a great achievement for me with in one month.

When I start blogging, few bloggers who are new for me but still they are very sweet by nature and helps me a lot, always appreciating me, so I want to say thanks to all (Aarthi, Srivalli, Ramya, Umm mymoonah and so more).

That’s it for now. Thank you all for your love and support, will try to do much better in my blog. Your comments are welcome about your experience with this blog.

To celebrate my first month anniversary, I ‘m doing a double post- let’s start with first recipe for BM#12 series PANEER KULCHA.
And second is combo meal of celebration on the  occasion of 1st month of blog anniversary.

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